Retailers, Treat Call Centre Staff As Your Critical Response Team

Will Astbury
by Will Astbury 18 November 2015

In Crimson’s recent white paper ‘Unified Service Desk: How Retailers Can Ensure Seamless Customer Care’, we argue that retail companies should raise the expectations, standards, and working conditions for call centre staff.

We believe that making improvements to the call centre software that staff use, the data they handle, and the training they receive can have a hugely beneficial impact on both customers and the company.

At present call centres have one of the highest staff turnover rates of any profession. It currently stands at a 24% staff turnover rate per year and that figure is rising. Caused by often dehumanised conditions, customer dissatisfaction, and inadequate technology, many call operators quickly become agitated and leave these roles.

As our Operational Director, Simon Chave, always says: “100% first call resolution is the Holy Grail for retail companies”. This is true because is it means that the customer’s enquiry is dealt with quickly, the service desk worker believes they have done a thorough and efficient job, and the company as resolved an issue for the lowest cost to call centre.

So, what processes and technology does a retail company have to put in place to create an environment where 100% first call resolution is achievable?

  1. Provide staff with an intelligent CRM software with call centre add-on that provides them with case management data at the start of a call.
  2. Use an integration layer system between key retail technology like warehouse management software, supply chain systems, and distribution software, to ensure that accurate relevant data is being conveyed through the call centre software to staff.
  3. Employ the Sears model for growth, put front line employees first before customers. Happy workers (through their actions) create happy customers (who through their actions) create sales and profits (which results in recognition and rewards for workers), creating happier workers, who create happier customers and so the chain continues.

The-Sears-Model.pngRetailers need to make sure their call centres are equipped with skilled, enthusiastic and caring staff, who have been given the right resources to do their job effectively. Little Data, a unified service desk and the right technology should be viewed as tools that enhance the job satisfaction of customer service representatives, as well as tools that improve satisfaction levels for the customer.

If you would like to discover more insights about how to optimise your call centre for seamless customer care read our latest FREE white paper or contact us via or call 01675 466 477.

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