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IT Careers @: Graduate and Trainee IT opportunities at Resonate


Here at Crimson, we often meet exceptional employers that offer great career opportunities for IT professionals.

This month we're showcasing Resonate. Resonate are recruiting for graduate-level roles and positions suitable for individuals looking for a career change. In a competitive market there are seldom opportunities for job seekers chasing their dream of working in IT. Resonate believe in developing individuals and provide great benefits such as generous paid holiday, healthcare cover, income protection, enhanced Maternity and Paternity pay and more.

Who are Resonate?

Resonate design, develop, and deploy digital railway and connected transport solutions. They have a powerful digital platform combined with a highly skilled team delivering the best solutions for signalling control, traffic management, operations management, and customer experience. Their visionary technology together with their customer-centric culture, has created a set of evolving tools that help to deliver a better performing railway with better informed passengers.

Let’s hear from Benjamin Kendrick, a TMS Data Designer at Resonate.

What does your Job entail Ben?

“My work involves creating and maintaining the data for our traffic management system, Luminate. I am also becoming increasingly involved with data work for the timetable processing subsystem of our control system, Scalable. Additionally, I have supported the Luminate development team with software testing for the latest version release. It’s a varied role with lots of different opportunities to expand and contribute to other areas.”

What attracted you to Resonate?

“After finishing my maths degree, I was looking for job opportunities that provided scope for personal development and areas to implement the skills I had developed at university, particularly with regards to handling data, and the role at Resonate ticked these boxes. From the interview and the small tour of the office I quickly got the feeling that the company was friendly and welcoming. They seemed as passionate about developing me as I was about contributing to business.”

What was your first day like?
“My first day at Resonate was manic. Technical difficulties meant I got lost in Derby during rush hour. I was panicking that I would be late for my first day. Luckily, I managed to find my way with plenty of time and I felt immediately reassured by people who greeted me at Resonate. The first day revolved around getting all the admin and IT side of things sorted, i.e., company photo, company phone and laptop, and some online safety courses that needed completing.”

How would you describe the team at Resonate?                                              “Friendly, collaborative and committed to delivering outstanding results.”

 How would you describe the culture at Resonate?
“The culture at Resonate is a supportive one. From a career's perspective, it is very clear from top-down that supporting individuals in their career ambitions benefits everyone involved. From a social perspective, the culture is relaxed. Not being burned out is vitally important to meeting consistent targets. There are summer and Christmas events held each year, and in the current remote working situation, these have been held virtually and are a great way to blow off some steam.”

Is there an opportunity to grow and develop at Resonate
"As mentioned before, personal development is a huge part of the Resonate culture. There are regular personal development reviews where a plan is laid out to help you achieve your career goals.”

What has been your biggest challenge since starting?
“The first couple of months were certainly a big challenge. The Scalable and Luminate products are very bespoke and have lots of moving parts, so it was challenging getting to grips with the complex processes. After experience and additional exposure to different aspects of the business, this all fell in to place relatively smoothly.”

Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?
“I am currently working on finalising the data for the new deployment of Luminate, which should be commissioned in Spring 2021. This is only the second site for Luminate, so there is a considerable emphasis to make sure delivery is as smooth as possible. The project began purely as a training exercise for me and another member of the TMS data team, shortly after joining Resonate. It's been great to continuously work on it from the ground up and to see it commissioned will be very exciting.”

Ben, is there anything else you want to share with prospective candidates? “There are great opportunities at Resonate, particularly for graduates looking to start their career in IT. You will be working with market-leading products and you will gain invaluable skills and experience in a supportive environment. Best of luck! Massive thanks to Ian Tittley and everyone at Crimson for their support during my application process for Resonate last year.”

Ian Tittley: Head of Permanent Services commented: "The team at Resonate are innovative, friendly and ambitious. Their company culture is centred around employee wellbeing and development. With competitive salaries, flexible working, and central locations, it's easy to see why Resonate is a great place to work, and we're proud to represent them."

To find out more about graduate/trainee roles at Resonate contact Ian Tittley directly, he is currently handling applications for some fantastic roles at Resonate.

Ian Tittley :  Head of Permanent Services
t. 01675 466 477  ::  m. 07949 079 953  

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