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FinTech start-up insights: ApTap update

by Gary Wills 19 October 2018

As an IT recruiter that specialises in the FinTech and banking sectors, I love to follow the innovations and developments at the start-up end of the market.

Six months ago, I met the founders of personal finance management tool ApTap at Crimson’s GinTech IT networking event (click here to view future events), and I was really struck by their offering. ApTap auto-syncs securely with users’ bank and email accounts and enables them to visualize, signup to, cancel, and share any service or subscription, with just a tap.

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Investment in FinTech up 30%: Lessons from FinTech Week

by Gary Wills 20 July 2018

As I’m an IT recruiter that specialises in supporting financial technology companies, I was pleased to attend FinTech Week in London between 6-13 July 2018.

I wanted to use this occasion to learn from fantastic experts from the FinTech sector and to sharpen my knowledge for the benefit of my clients. I learnt a lot, so I thought it would be a good idea to share what I discovered.

As expected, global investment in FinTech companies is up by 30% on last year. It has increased by $37bn and there is no sign of it slowing. Most of the total $145bn investment has been in loans and payments organisations.

Also, 2018 has so far been the year of the UK digital challenger banks. The likes of Revolut, Monzo, Tandem, Atom, Starling, Habito, Trussle, Metro Bank, and ClearScore are all likely to be successful this year for many different reasons.

However, there are a few frustrations among some FinTech start-ups, based on some of the conversations I’ve had.

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