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Why you should attend: The CIO Candidate Workshop

by Holly Burnett 13 August 2019

This week we met with Crimson’s Caisha Sheikh, Caisha has worked within CIO search and selection for a number of years and is now in charge of maintaining Crimson’s most senior partnerships. Caisha is passionate about giving senior candidates the support they need to reach new career heights. Her next workshop is on 29th August.

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Top priorities for CIOs in 2019

by Will Astbury 10 December 2018

Opinions about CIOs’ agendas for 2019 vary.

Gartner, who surveyed more than 3000 CIOs in 89 countries (across all major industries), has suggested that most technology leaders have overseen successful digital transformations within their organisations. Digital transformation has been high on CIO agendas for several years. Now Gartner has stated that CIOs' primary objective for 2019 is to drive scale via digital channels to enhance CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT.

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IT Recruiters’ insights: How to invest in your IT employees

by Will Astbury 19 September 2018

If you’re a CIO or technology leader operating in the current IT jobs market, research shows that retaining the rare, skilled, and talented people within your IT team is one of your biggest priorities.

Competition is fierce, with Brexit likely to worsen the IT skills shortage in the UK, so organisations are developing a range of interesting new approaches to help them retain the best people and create a stable working environment. In this article, the consultants from Crimson’s IT recruitment agency have shared some of the best ideas they’ve seen in the marketplace.

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What traits do you need to be an effective IT leader?

by Will Astbury 31 August 2018

Recently, Oleg Vishnepolsky, Global CTO at DailyMail Online and, posted on LinkedIn some thoughts about the shared traits that make certain individuals masters in their chosen profession.

Oleg wrote: “You are a master if; 1) others seek your help and you know how to provide help effectively, 2) you never stop improving your knowledge, skills, and understanding, 3) you are driven by love of what you do, and 4) though you are talented, you continue to work hard.”

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Should CIOs do an MBA in digital transformation?

by Will Astbury 24 August 2018

If you’re an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) or you’ve recently risen into a digital leadership role, you may be considering whether to do some academic studying to bring your skillset in-line with the latest digital technologies, transformation strategies, and leadership techniques.

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CIO Update: What will the IT jobs market look like in the next financial year?

by Will Astbury 29 March 2018

A panel discussion at the Crimson Innovation Conference 2018 discussed why CIOs will focus more on achieving company objectives rather than delving deep into the technical specifications of new business systems in 2018.

The IT jobs market panel was made-up of Louise Clarke, Head of Recruitment at Crimson, Mark Lockton-Goddard, Interim CIO at Fidessa PLC, and Caisha Sheikh who is a senior appointments head-hunter within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency. The panel was chaired by Rob Grimsey, Group Director of Marketing for Harvey Nash.

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What are CIOs’ priorities for the next financial year?

by Will Astbury 27 March 2018

Opinions about CIOs’ agendas for 2018 vary.

Gartner, who surveyed more than 3000 CIOs, has suggested that the roles of IT leaders are changing. As digitisation continues to advance, business expectations and technology trends are shifting. In 2018, CIOs will be focusing less on technology and more on information. They are moving away from technical roles and they’re becoming business executives. Their job is to make smart decisions, based on in-depth customer data, that will help to achieve their organisation’s chief objective, GROWTH. More than 120 IT leaders were surveyed at Crimson’s Innovation Conference in 2018. When asked the question ‘Compared to five years ago, is the CIO more or less important to your organisation?’ 73% responded that CIOs had become more important and only 9% said their CIO’s role had stayed the same.

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Are you a CIO that is looking for a fresh start in 2018?

by Will Astbury 25 January 2018

If you’re a CIO that is looking to embrace new opportunities in 2018 or you want a fresh start in a new role, Crimson may have the solution for you.

In her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh, Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency, discusses how she helps IT leaders reposition their brands and CVs to optimise their chances for finding their next role.

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IT recruitment workshop: How can CIOs become COOs?

by Will Astbury 13 October 2017

Many CIOs see the COO role as the next step on the career ladder, but often they don’t know how to make the transition from technical expert to operational leader.

In her latest article for LinkedIn, Crimson’s Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments, Caisha Sheikh, shared three tips to help her clients make the leap from the CIO’s position to the COO’s.

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Why are CIOs paid more than CTOs?

by Will Astbury 25 July 2017

The consultants within Crimson's IT recruitment agency are often asked why CTOs aren't paid the same as CIOs.

In her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh discusses some of the factors that influence the salaries of IT leaders.

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