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Are you a CIO that is looking for a fresh start in 2018?

by Mark Britton 25 January 2018

If you’re a CIO that is looking to embrace new opportunities in 2018 or you want a fresh start in a new role, Crimson may have the solution for you.

In her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh, Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency, discusses how she helps IT leaders reposition their brands and CVs to optimise their chances for finding their next role.

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IT recruitment workshop: How can CIOs become COOs?

by Mark Britton 13 October 2017

Many CIOs see the COO role as the next step on the career ladder, but often they don’t know how to make the transition from technical expert to operational leader.

In her latest article for LinkedIn, Crimson’s Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments, Caisha Sheikh, shared three tips to help her clients make the leap from the CIO’s position to the COO’s.

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Why are CIOs paid more than CTOs?

by Mark Britton 25 July 2017

The consultants within Crimson's IT recruitment agency are often asked why CTOs aren't paid the same as CIOs.

In her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh discusses some of the factors that influence the salaries of IT leaders.

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What soft skills do CIOs need?

by Mark Britton 26 April 2017

Being an exceptional CIO is not just about achieving your organisation’s objectives. It is an unusual leadership role in which you must meet targets, maintain daily operations, innovate, increase efficiency, and protect your organisation’s infrastructure whilst inspiring your team and balancing individuals’ emotions and desires. This is no easy task.

Harvard Business Review stated: “The tech industry’s combination of high-velocity competition, complexity, global talent, and interdependence among rivals makes it a truly unique environment, requiring a distinct set of leadership skills.”

In this article, the consultants from Crimson’s IT recruitment agency have defined exactly which specialist skills CIOs need to succeed in their role.

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Technology Trends: Top priorities for CIOs in 2017

by Mark Britton 9 December 2016

In January 2016, Caisha Sheikh reported on the tech industry’s skilled staff shortage and shared thoughts on how to attract the best candidates in the industry.

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How can CIOs tap into the potential of millennial employees?

by Mark Britton 9 November 2016

CIOs from across the sectors will be aware of the effect that millennial consumers are having on their organisation’s approach to sales.

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CIO: How to build your personal brand

by Mark Britton 30 September 2016

As a CIO you have to carefully manage and nurture the perceptions that others have of you.

Caisha Sheikh, Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency, is frequently asked by her clients how they should nurture their public personas to give them the best chance of finding the role of their dreams.

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4 Steps: How to get off to a great start as a CIO

by Mark Britton 27 September 2016

Moving into a new CIO role can be one of the most challenging, intimidating, and satisfying times in your career.

Starting at a new company with its own unique challenges and culture can be a daunting prospect so it’s best to go in on your first day with an open mind, a lot of research about your new employers, and a core strategy.

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How to become a CIO

by Mark Britton 5 September 2016

At some point in their career, every professional asks themselves “What do I have to do to get to the top?”.

Ambitious individuals within the IT sector are no different. However, the path to becoming a CIO can meet a number of crossroads and unexpected twists. Here are eight steps that most successful CIOs have to take during their career:

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