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Digital begins in the boardroom

by Holly Burnett 29 April 2022


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How do IT leaders manage their professional development?

by Holly Burnett 14 October 2020

This month Crimson's Senior Appointments team approached our network of C-level technologists to get the low down on their attitude towards professional development.

Qualifications are the most popular form of learning

Perhaps it's the sense of achievement or the certification that we can add to our CV, but qualifications were by far, the most popular option for developing our functional skills.

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Global CIO survey highlights what tech leaders can learn from COVID-19

by Holly Burnett 14 October 2020

The CIO Survey is a global technology trend report published annually by Harvey Nash and KPMG. Featuring the opinions of over 4,200 technology leaders and now in its 22nd year, it is one of the largest technology reports that exists today. 

Data gathered in this year's edition reflects on the effects of the pandemic, offering a unique insight into the minds of our technology peers; how they're navigating the new normal and their plans for 2021.

COVID-19 increased our IT budgets by approximately 5%

During the first few months of the pandemic, IT departments had to act fast, setting employees up to work from home securely and meeting customer demands with digital adaptations. For most organisations, IT spend is now at an all-time high, 29 percent of survey participants believe that the pandemic has permanently increased investment in business managed IT. This surge in investment has left many companies questioning their IT spend and how they can balance, the balance sheet.

Two strategic drivers remain the same when considering IT investment: operational efficiency and customer engagement. But the lens in which decisions are being made has shifted. Short-term decision making remains the order of the day, though leaders say they may be more confident about longer and mid-term planning as we move into the new year. Flexibility remains key as we continue to venture into the unknown.

Out are long-term, riskier investments (such as ERP), in are quick innovations on technologies such as Microsoft's Power Platform, empowering creative 'citizen developers' within the organisation. Today's decisions centre around how technology can manage cashflow, drive innovation speed to market, and realise value sooner.

Each sector has its challenges and opportunities

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What does the IT landscape look like post-COVID-19?

by Holly Burnett 21 August 2020

Now the dust has settled on the 'new normal' Crimson's Senior Appointments practice asked our community of tech leaders how IT departments will change post-Covid.

The future is flexible  

Just ten percent of respondents indicated that techies would be returning to the office to complete their regular working hours. The remaining ninety percent suggested flexible working will be on the agenda. YouGov research found that just one in four people want to go back to the office full-time post-pandemic. In a recent Evening Standard article, many FTSE 100 companies said they only have a small percentage of employees on-site and plan to introduce flexible working programmes to retain employees.

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Why you should attend: The Architect Exchange

by Holly Burnett 26 July 2019


This week we caught up with Crimson’s Andy Basham, who is hosting the Architect Exchange event on 21st of August.

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Coca Cola CIO talks digital disruption at Innovation Conference 2017

by Will Astbury 13 February 2017

Coca Cola Regional CIO Adam Forde will be addressing the ‘people-side of digital disruption’ at Crimson’s 2017 Innovation Conference.

Digital transformations don’t just have a profound effect on organisations’ internal processes and external offerings, they have a massive impact on the people within businesses.

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Does my organisation need a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?

by Will Astbury 1 February 2017

With digital transformation a strategic priority for many organisations in 2017, a lot of companies have been asking Crimson whether they need to appoint a Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

In her latest article for CIO WaterCooler, Crimson’s Head of Recruitment Sales Louise Clarke has addressed which types of organisations need CDOs and which don’t.

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Crimson’s IT Salary Survey 2017: Digital roles are transforming the industry

by Will Astbury 23 December 2016

Crimson’s IT Salary Survey 2017 has revealed that new ‘digital’ job titles are having a significant impact on IT teams.

Over the last 12 months, the consultants within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency noticed the emergence of several ‘digital’ job titles in the marketplace, which include Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), Digital Programme and Project Managers, Digital Business Analysts, and Digital Architects. Keen organisations have created these roles in the process of capitalising on new digital opportunities - opportunities being major digital transformation projects.

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The Holy Grail Of Digital Disruption: Customers Come First

by Will Astbury 23 September 2016

Digital disruption can be a tricky challenge for CIOs to manage. In most organisations, it is the IT leader’s responsibility to guide the board through the opportunities of digital disruption and the ramifications of falling behind competitors when it comes to new market innovations.

Business models for the disruptions differ due to a number of factors, including;

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What Is The Number One Priority For CIOs In 2016?

by Will Astbury 10 August 2016

Caisha-Sheikh2.pngCaisha Sheikh, Crimson's Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments, has outlined the major challenges for CIOs.

As part of our latest campaign, in the build-up to the Crimson Innovation Conference, our team have been addressing the questions around 'Enabling Digitisation' in 2016.

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