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4th Industrial Revolution author to explore the potential of data at CiC19

by Mark Britton 20 March 2019

Guests will discover insights into ‘Nature inspired computation and AI’s evolving relationship with data’ live at the Crimson Innovation Conference 2019

Dr Felix Hovsepian will be describing how technology leaders can use data and AI to create advanced systems that will give their organisations a competitive advantage. In his presentation, he will be outlining a series of use cases that reveal the potential of big data, including; Generative Design -  how IoT provides AI with a digital nervous system and how it has enabled engineers to design a novel racing car chassis, Swarm Intelligence - distributed, self-organizing systems that utilize small-data, and Causal Reasoning - beyond the data techniques currently used in machine learning that utilise ‘reasoning by association’ (correlation).

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What does it take to be a technology leader in the age of AI?

by Mark Britton 6 March 2019

A leadership expert will be revealing how CIOs and other technology leaders can overcome the increasing complexities, ambiguities and paradoxes that big data creates at Crimson Innovation Conference 2019 (CiC19).

Keith Coats, a Leadership Expert who has worked with many senior level employees at blue chip organisations through his company TomorrowToday Global, believes that IT leaders are now being required to develop a range of new characteristics in order to successfully navigate an increasingly AI centric world. In his speech at CiC19, Keith will be outlining the essential skill sets the leaders of tomorrow will have to adopt to thrive in this environment. 

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Harvey Nash Group Director explores CIOs’ priorities for 2019

by Mark Britton 28 February 2019

Harvey Nash Group’s Director of Marketing will be exploring the forces that will most affect technology leaders in 2019 live at Crimson's Innovation Conference (CiC19).

Rob Grimsey, who has worked within Harvey Nash Group for almost 20 years, will be sharing some of the insights gleaned from the organisation’s recent global CIO survey, compiled in association with KPMG.

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FinTech product expert talks behavioural data at CiC19

by Mark Britton 20 February 2019

Few markets are innovating quicker than the FinTech sector. And, within this hyper competitive race to provide consumers with the best products first, customer behavioural data can be the linchpin to securing competitive advantage.

Therefore, Crimson is thrilled to announce that Ashleigh Petrie, Senior Product Manager at Moneybox, will be describing how the investment app is ‘Putting behavioural data at the heart of FinTech product design’ at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2019.

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Nudge Unit’s Head of Data delves into behavioural insights at CiC19

by Mark Britton 12 February 2019

Crimson is delighted to disclose that the Head of Data Science at The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), aka Nudge Unit, will be addressing attendees at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2019 (CiC19).

James Lawrence, who has headed BIT’s data science team for almost two and a half years, will be speaking on the topic: ‘Text mining: Unlocking the commercial value of text data’, in which he will be describing how data science can be a hugely beneficial tool not only for the public sector but also for commercial organisations.

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Vodafone’s Big Data guru talks at Crimson’s conference

by Mark Britton 7 February 2019

Crimson is delighted to reveal that Vodafone’s Big Data guru will be explaining how the world’s largest communications organisations are harnessing the power of data at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2019

Peter Chapman, Head of Big Data and Advanced Analytics at the mobile giant, will be addressing the topic of ‘Industrialising Big Data and AI in telecommunications’ at the event, which has been curated for CIOs and technology leaders of major UK organisations.

Mobile phones are now the world’s biggest source of consumer data, with Ofcom reporting that 96% of UK households have adopted this technology. Peter will describe how Vodafone is putting this data and advanced analytics at the heart of the organisation, and how this capability is being used to drive commercial value and for social good.

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Award-winning data author announced as keynote for Crimson’s Conference

by Mark Britton 4 February 2019

Crimson is pleased to announce that award-winning writer Dr Ben Goldacre will be the keynote speaker at Crimson’s Innovation Conference in 2019.

Ben, who is also a doctor, broadcaster and Senior Clinical Research Fellow at University of Oxford, will be debating the famous revolutionary promise “We all know that data can change the world” but also, crucially, the various ways that data can be used to deceive: covering dodgy graphs, misleading analyses, and exquisitely deceptive artificial intelligence models.

It is Ben’s belief that “the more technical the world becomes, the more we must all raise our game, to avoid being caught out by digital snake oil”. His speech promises to be a lively, humorous, and thought-provoking presentation.

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Retail disruptor talks at Crimson’s Innovation Conference

by Mark Britton 6 March 2018

Interim IT leader Martin Sadler will be discussing why harnessing innovation drives retailers’, like Missguided’s, business strategies at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2018.

Founded at the height of the recession in 2008, Missguided has now become a £150M global retail business. Martin will share how cutting-edge technology has supported the growth of its ‘rapid fashion’ brand.

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CIOs’ priorities & IT jobs market changes in 2018

by Mark Britton 12 February 2018

Harvey Nash Group’s Director of Marketing will be exclusively unveiling IT leaders’ priorities for 2018 live at Crimson’s Innovation Conference.

Rob Grimsey, who has worked within Harvey Nash Group for almost 20 years, will be sharing some of the insights gleaned from the organisation’s recent global CIO survey, compiled in association with KPMG.

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