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Brexit watch: How will Brexit affect IT recruitment in 2019?

by Will Astbury 7 December 2018

After the Brexit referendum outcome was announced in 2016, Crimson initially saw a slight softening in number of IT recruitment requirements from some of its clients. This was likely due to a ‘fear of the unknown’. However, the IT jobs market didn’t dwell on this for long, and good levels of activity continued throughout 2018. Come Friday 29 March 2019, the day scheduled for Britain to leave the EU, the market for tech talent may look and feel very different.

As an IT recruitment agency, Crimson is concerned that that the current skills shortage may be exacerbated by Brexit, as a substantial portion of the UK’s tech talent originates from the EU. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has estimated that 6% of digital technology workers are EU nationals, and that 20% of tech workers in London originate from the EU. Should a large portion of these people decide they don’t want to live and work in post-Brexit Britain, a very substantial void could be created in the IT jobs market place, particularly in the capital.

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IT jobs market analysis: What will happen in 2019?

by Will Astbury 30 November 2018

Despite the impending introduction of IR35 looming large over private sector contractors, GDPR threatening to hit the least scrupulous and proactive organisations over their management and use of contact data, and digital disruption continually accelerating, 2018 was an active year in the IT jobs marketplace.

However, will 2019 be as healthy?

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How to leave your IT job with dignity, and why

by Will Astbury 17 September 2018

The IT jobs market is currently extremely active, which is giving a lot of technology professionals the opportunity to progress their career quickly by switching roles frequently.

However, the consultants in Crimson’s IT recruitment agency know only too well the impact that leaving an employer on bad terms can have on a candidate’s future career prospects. So, we’ve put together some tips on how  take advantage of professional opportunities, whilst retaining your good reputation, and without leaving your previous employer in the lurch.

Never forget, the way that you leave an organisation can enhance your personal brand. Here’s some rules on to how quit your IT job with dignity.

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IT Recruitment: How to make yourself indispensable

by Will Astbury 7 August 2018

Automation, outsourcing, and rapidly evolving technologies seem to be transforming IT jobs across the UK.

Harvey Nash’s Tech Survey 2018, which received 3251 responses from techies with 410 different IT job titles, revealed that many IT employees expected their roles to change in the near future. It discovered that 40% of respondents expected their job to be automated within the next ten years, that 45% of corporate IT departments were reducing bespoke development spend, and that 61% of those aged 45+ felt their age was limiting their opportunities in the IT jobs market.

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What are the hottest IT jobs in the financial services sector 2018?

by Will Astbury 17 April 2018

The financial services sector is the biggest investor in technology so its not surprising that it has an extremely competitive IT jobs market.

Gary Wills is Client Development Manager for FinTech and banking organisations within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency. In his latest article for

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CIO Update: What will the IT jobs market look like in the next financial year?

by Will Astbury 29 March 2018

A panel discussion at the Crimson Innovation Conference 2018 discussed why CIOs will focus more on achieving company objectives rather than delving deep into the technical specifications of new business systems in 2018.

The IT jobs market panel was made-up of Louise Clarke, Head of Recruitment at Crimson, Mark Lockton-Goddard, Interim CIO at Fidessa PLC, and Caisha Sheikh who is a senior appointments head-hunter within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency. The panel was chaired by Rob Grimsey, Group Director of Marketing for Harvey Nash.

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CIOs’ priorities & IT jobs market changes in 2018

by Will Astbury 12 February 2018

Harvey Nash Group’s Director of Marketing will be exclusively unveiling IT leaders’ priorities for 2018 live at Crimson’s Innovation Conference.

Rob Grimsey, who has worked within Harvey Nash Group for almost 20 years, will be sharing some of the insights gleaned from the organisation’s recent global CIO survey, compiled in association with KPMG.

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How will Brexit impact on IT recruitment?

by Will Astbury 30 October 2017

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is likely to have a profound effect on the UK IT recruitment sector.

A report by KPMG, titled ‘The Brexit effect on EU nationals’, polled 2,000 employed EU citizens that currently work in the UK and 1,000 citizens living in the 10 largest EU net contributors to UK migration.

It revealed that 35% of EU nationals living in the UK were considering leaving because of the Brexit vote, and that younger, better-qualified, and higher-paid people were more likely to be mulling over thoughts of leaving. ‘IT designers’ were identified as one of the main job titles in this grouping.

With negotiations continuing, a lot remains to be seen about Brexit and the impact it will have on the IT jobs market and IT recruitment agencies. However, some changes already have been noticed within the recruitment sector...

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How do IT leaders use social media: The LinkedIn habits of the Top 100 CIOs

by Will Astbury 8 August 2017

Many IT leaders question the power of LinkedIn and see it little more than a social networking platform.

So, in her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh shared this infographic which reveals research findings into how Top 100 CIOs use LinkedIn.

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IT recruiter tips: How to ace an interview in the tech sector

by Will Astbury 27 July 2017

Everybody knows that you need to do your research and dress appropriately for a big interview.

But there’s a lot more you can do to ensure that you get the IT job of your dreams.

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