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IT Careers @: Graduate and Trainee IT opportunities at Resonate

by Ian Tittley 11 January 2021


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How do employers really feel about career breaks?

by Ian Tittley 14 December 2020

According to the Office for National Statistics, 1.8 million UK women (and 0.2 million men) are not in paid employment because they are looking after a relative. Family is just one of the many reasons why we take a career break. Research by Aviva suggests that 29 percent of employees expect to leave work to care for children, grandchildren, or loved ones. One in six of us take a career break due to stress. What about those that want to travel the world or explore a new passion? It’s not surprising that more organisations are introducing sabbaticals as an employee benefit, but the stigma around career breaks hasn’t diminished entirely. According to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers three in five women return to a lower-paid job or take a position with less seniority after taking a career break. 

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IT recruitment tips: Opinion poll reveals how to attract IT leaders

by Holly Burnett 16 June 2020


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89% of leaders: ‘The IT skills shortage is affecting my organisation’

by Will Astbury 29 April 2019

A poll at the Crimson Innovation Conference 2019 has revealed that the skills shortage in the IT jobs market continues to hinder many organisations.

89% of respondents, which were predominantly technology leaders, CIOs, and other C-suite executives of major UK organisations, reported that the IT skills shortage was negatively impacting their companies.

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FinTech start-up insights: ApTap update

by Gary Wills 19 October 2018

As an IT recruiter that specialises in the FinTech and banking sectors, I love to follow the innovations and developments at the start-up end of the market.

Six months ago, I met the founders of personal finance management tool ApTap at Crimson’s GinTech IT networking event (click here to view future events), and I was really struck by their offering. ApTap auto-syncs securely with users’ bank and email accounts and enables them to visualize, signup to, cancel, and share any service or subscription, with just a tap.

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IT Recruiters’ insights: How to invest in your IT employees

by Will Astbury 19 September 2018

If you’re a CIO or technology leader operating in the current IT jobs market, research shows that retaining the rare, skilled, and talented people within your IT team is one of your biggest priorities.

Competition is fierce, with Brexit likely to worsen the IT skills shortage in the UK, so organisations are developing a range of interesting new approaches to help them retain the best people and create a stable working environment. In this article, the consultants from Crimson’s IT recruitment agency have shared some of the best ideas they’ve seen in the marketplace.

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How to leave your IT job with dignity, and why

by Will Astbury 17 September 2018

The IT jobs market is currently extremely active, which is giving a lot of technology professionals the opportunity to progress their career quickly by switching roles frequently.

However, the consultants in Crimson’s IT recruitment agency know only too well the impact that leaving an employer on bad terms can have on a candidate’s future career prospects. So, we’ve put together some tips on how  take advantage of professional opportunities, whilst retaining your good reputation, and without leaving your previous employer in the lurch.

Never forget, the way that you leave an organisation can enhance your personal brand. Here’s some rules on to how quit your IT job with dignity.

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IT Recruitment: How to make yourself indispensable

by Will Astbury 7 August 2018

Automation, outsourcing, and rapidly evolving technologies seem to be transforming IT jobs across the UK.

Harvey Nash’s Tech Survey 2018, which received 3251 responses from techies with 410 different IT job titles, revealed that many IT employees expected their roles to change in the near future. It discovered that 40% of respondents expected their job to be automated within the next ten years, that 45% of corporate IT departments were reducing bespoke development spend, and that 61% of those aged 45+ felt their age was limiting their opportunities in the IT jobs market.

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IT recruitment agency improves candidate care ratings 3 years in a row

by Will Astbury 19 April 2018

IT recruitment agency Crimson improved the quality of its candidate care for the third consecutive year in 2018.

Crimson surveyed all the permanent and contract candidates it had placed in 2017 in February 2018 and discovered that its standards of candidate care had risen again over the past 12 months.

The survey results revealed that the IT recruitment specialist’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) had increased from 57+ to 68+. This means more of Crimson’s candidates are likely to recommend the IT recruiter than ever before. Its score in 2016 was 55+.

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IT recruitment insight: How to land an IT leader role

by Will Astbury 18 April 2018

If you’re looking to step up into a leadership role, or if you’re looking for your next opportunity, there are several steps you can take to improve your prospects and get on IT recruitment agencies’ radars.

1, Identify what you want from your next role and decipher your plan:

Before applying for a role or even writing your CV, it is important to know what you actually want from your next job.

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