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9 reasons why virtual interviews will reduce your time-to-hire

by Holly Burnett 11 March 2021

According to CV-Library, the average time-to-hire (advert to offer) an IT professional is around 41 days. In comparison, 27.5 days is the median across all industries, according to Glassdoor. The larger the company, the quicker the recruitment process, and if you use a recruitment agency like Crimson, you are more likely to reduce your time-to-hire and the average cost-to-hire.

CV-Library research also indicates that over 80 percent of recruitment professionals do not recommend application forms; instead, CV’s and quick apply buttons are favoured. Advertising in the right place and the strength of your advert will help you attract more candidates. Advertisements that fail to pinpoint salaries and convey the company culture will not attract as much attention.

Similarly, a lengthy hiring process will also deter candidates. CV-Library state that over 49 percent of candidates believe there should be no more than two stages in the hiring process. A recent poll by Crimson’s Senior Appointments Practice revealed that over 90 percent of applicants for a senior IT role would not expect any more than two to three interviews. CV-Library also found that 71 percent of candidates will turn down a job offer if they have a bad interview experience.

Introducing video screening into the hiring process can drastically improve the candidate's experience and reduce the time-to-hire. Crimson recommends using video after you have shortlisted candidates via their CV and before their face-to-face interview.

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What does the IT landscape look like post-COVID-19?

by Holly Burnett 21 August 2020

Now the dust has settled on the 'new normal' Crimson's Senior Appointments practice asked our community of tech leaders how IT departments will change post-Covid.

The future is flexible  

Just ten percent of respondents indicated that techies would be returning to the office to complete their regular working hours. The remaining ninety percent suggested flexible working will be on the agenda. YouGov research found that just one in four people want to go back to the office full-time post-pandemic. In a recent Evening Standard article, many FTSE 100 companies said they only have a small percentage of employees on-site and plan to introduce flexible working programmes to retain employees.

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IT recruitment tips: Opinion poll reveals how to attract IT leaders

by Holly Burnett 16 June 2020


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IT jobs market analysis: What will happen in 2019?

by Mark Britton 30 November 2018

Despite the impending introduction of IR35 looming large over private sector contractors, GDPR threatening to hit the least scrupulous and proactive organisations over their management and use of contact data, and digital disruption continually accelerating, 2018 was an active year in the IT jobs marketplace.

However, will 2019 be as healthy?

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FinTech start-up insights: ApTap update

by Gary Wills 19 October 2018

As an IT recruiter that specialises in the FinTech and banking sectors, I love to follow the innovations and developments at the start-up end of the market.

Six months ago, I met the founders of personal finance management tool ApTap at Crimson’s GinTech IT networking event (click here to view future events), and I was really struck by their offering. ApTap auto-syncs securely with users’ bank and email accounts and enables them to visualize, signup to, cancel, and share any service or subscription, with just a tap.

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How to leave your IT job with dignity, and why

by Mark Britton 17 September 2018

The IT jobs market is currently extremely active, which is giving a lot of technology professionals the opportunity to progress their career quickly by switching roles frequently.

However, the consultants in Crimson’s IT recruitment agency know only too well the impact that leaving an employer on bad terms can have on a candidate’s future career prospects. So, we’ve put together some tips on how  take advantage of professional opportunities, whilst retaining your good reputation, and without leaving your previous employer in the lurch.

Never forget, the way that you leave an organisation can enhance your personal brand. Here’s some rules on to how quit your IT job with dignity.

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Should CIOs do an MBA in digital transformation?

by Mark Britton 24 August 2018

If you’re an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) or you’ve recently risen into a digital leadership role, you may be considering whether to do some academic studying to bring your skillset in-line with the latest digital technologies, transformation strategies, and leadership techniques.

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IT recruitment agency improves candidate care ratings 3 years in a row

by Mark Britton 19 April 2018

IT recruitment agency Crimson improved the quality of its candidate care for the third consecutive year in 2018.

Crimson surveyed all the permanent and contract candidates it had placed in 2017 in February 2018 and discovered that its standards of candidate care had risen again over the past 12 months.

The survey results revealed that the IT recruitment specialist’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) had increased from 57+ to 68+. This means more of Crimson’s candidates are likely to recommend the IT recruiter than ever before. Its score in 2016 was 55+.

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IT recruitment insight: How to land an IT leader role

by Mark Britton 18 April 2018

If you’re looking to step up into a leadership role, or if you’re looking for your next opportunity, there are several steps you can take to improve your prospects and get on IT recruitment agencies’ radars.

1, Identify what you want from your next role and decipher your plan:

Before applying for a role or even writing your CV, it is important to know what you actually want from your next job.

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Are you a CIO that is looking for a fresh start in 2018?

by Mark Britton 25 January 2018

If you’re a CIO that is looking to embrace new opportunities in 2018 or you want a fresh start in a new role, Crimson may have the solution for you.

In her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh, Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency, discusses how she helps IT leaders reposition their brands and CVs to optimise their chances for finding their next role.

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