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Why are CIOs paid more than CTOs?

by Mark Britton 25 July 2017

The consultants within Crimson's IT recruitment agency are often asked why CTOs aren't paid the same as CIOs.

In her latest article for LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh discusses some of the factors that influence the salaries of IT leaders.

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Crimson’s IT Salary Survey 2017: Digital roles are transforming the industry

by Mark Britton 23 December 2016

Crimson’s IT Salary Survey 2017 has revealed that new ‘digital’ job titles are having a significant impact on IT teams.

Over the last 12 months, the consultants within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency noticed the emergence of several ‘digital’ job titles in the marketplace, which include Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), Digital Programme and Project Managers, Digital Business Analysts, and Digital Architects. Keen organisations have created these roles in the process of capitalising on new digital opportunities - opportunities being major digital transformation projects.

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