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Google App Maker has shut down: it's time to move to Power Platform

by Emily Schilling 27 January 2021

On the 19th January, the Google App Maker product was shut down due to low-usage. App Maker data that is stored within Cloud SQL is safe and remains unchanged, and it will still follow the policies your GCP account established. Depending on whether your apps are active or inactive, there are different actions you need to take.

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In conversation with Martyn Wallace

by Emily Schilling 13 January 2021

Name: Martyn Wallace

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In conversation with Peter Adams

by Emily Schilling 7 December 2020

Name: Peter Adams 

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Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

by Emily Schilling 4 December 2020

Microsoft Office 365 tenant to tenant migration is a complex, but common requirement that is often a lot trickier than expected. Even if customers have an internal IT team, the company will still require external help and support through the migration process. This is where Crimson can help.  

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Improve the way you work with the new Microsoft Dataverse Platform

by Ben Curley 23 November 2020

Microsoft Dataverse is an Application Programming Interface, known as an API. Many of the Power Platform features can interact with Dataverse directly, or through built-in connectors which allows data to sit securely and connected in one place. Think of it as a series of apps which can come together to share data across multiple devices.

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Putting the student experience first – What does the future have in store for higher education?

by Emily Schilling 10 November 2020


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Artificial Intelligence and Sales Insights to boost your home sales

by Emily Schilling 9 November 2020

Artificial Intelligence, often referred to as AI, continues to grow in popularity across marketing, sales, and other areas across a company’s operational processes. One prevalent example of how AI is currently being used is to personalise the customer experience - often by the use of chatbots or virtual assistants which manage complaints, answer questions, or offer suggestions based on previous actions. For many companies, however, there is a bigger opportunity when AI is used to understand sales and marketing KPI’s by proactively identifying gaps and improvements. By recognising the cause of problems and offering the best solution, the use of AI not only saves time but also reduces the probability of issues happening in the future.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: 2020 release Wave 2 – What to expect

by Emily Schilling 23 October 2020

In October, the 2020 release Wave 2 will launch for Dynamics 365 in Europe. With early access available from 3rd August, the update enables faster bug fixes, performance improvements plus straightforward training and documentation. With two updates throughout the year – plus minor regular service updates in between – the bi-annual updates mean that there is one version for all users.  

Enquiry portal integration with Dynamics 365

by Emily Schilling 7 October 2020


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Chatting sells: Microsoft's Virtual Agent closes deals with AI technology

by Emily Schilling 6 October 2020

Live chat is now a digital tool found on a wide variety of websites, from e-commerce to Government-owned sites. While live chat is becoming more and more popular, it is very easy to get them wrong - whether customers are waiting hours for an answer, or the bots running the chat  function aren't dealing with the problem. However, when done effectively, live chat can be the key to converting more appointments and booking reservations. With Covid-19 impacting every industry, live chat can be a step in the right direction for housing associations or homebuilders who are missing face-to-face interaction with customers.  

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