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Using Dynamics 365 V.9.0 Autonumbering

by Tom Clayton 17 January 2020

With the introduction of Version 9.0 for Dynamics 365 and the new PowerApps-based solution editor, there is now a way to include autonumbering without the use of third-party managed solutions or plugins.

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Microsoft Azure Front Door Service Deployment

by Mohnish Kumar 13 November 2019

There are several services available within Microsoft Azure that focus on traffic management and load balancing workloads. To confuse matters, Microsoft released Azure Front Door (AFD) in April 2019, which aims to incorporate their existing technologies as well as providing new features, by introducing a secure entry point for web applications. In this article we explore what AFD is and how you can use it.

Topics: Azure Front Door, Load Balancing, Web Application Firewall, WAF, Reverse Proxy, Traffic Manager

Can Exchange be decommissioned in hybrid deployments?

by Mohnish Kumar 28 October 2019

So, you have convinced management to migrate the deteriorating on-premise Exchange system to Exchange online. Great! But what does that really mean for the future of your Exchange server? Isn’t the purpose of cloud migration to ultimately reduce your on-premise workload footprint? The answer may not be that straightforward.

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Blurring the digital boundaries: What collaboration looks like for today’s university students

by Mark Britton 18 October 2019

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What's new in Dynamics 365 for 2019 release wave 2?

by Mark Britton 4 October 2019

Here's your round-up of the top features now available to you in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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What your CRM data analytics can tell you about your students…

by Mark Britton 16 September 2019

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UCAS clearing 2019 and what it means for Higher Education.

by Mark Britton 16 September 2019

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs ClickDimensions

by Mark Britton 9 August 2019

For many years Crimson has recommended ClickDimensions when clients have wanted a marketing platform. ClickDimensions remains a robust solution with many of the features most organisations use day-to-day, including email marketing, landing pages, and lead management.

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4 B2B Lead Generation Strategies Every Marketer Needs to Know

by Mark Britton 26 July 2019

The right combination of B2B lead generation strategies is already at your fingertips.

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Microsoft Announce Dynamics 365 Licence Changes For October 2019

by Mark Britton 26 July 2019

Microsoft has announced changes to its Microsoft Dynamics licensing model, moving from multi-application, one-size-fits all to a new focus on licensing of individual applications.

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