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Enquiry portal integration with Dynamics 365

by Emily Schilling 7 October 2020


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Chatting sells: Microsoft's Virtual Agent closes deals with AI technology

by Emily Schilling 6 October 2020

Live chat is now a digital tool found on a wide variety of websites, from e-commerce to Government-owned sites. While live chat is becoming more and more popular, it is very easy to get them wrong - whether customers are waiting hours for an answer, or the bots running the chat  function aren't dealing with the problem. However, when done effectively, live chat can be the key to converting more appointments and booking reservations. With Covid-19 impacting every industry, live chat can be a step in the right direction for housing associations or homebuilders who are missing face-to-face interaction with customers.  

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In conversation with Paul Parkinson: Part 2

by Emily Schilling 6 October 2020

Read part one of Paul's interview here

Topics: local authorities, councils, Driving Digital, local government

In conversation with Paul Parkinson: Part 1

by Emily Schilling 6 October 2020


Topics: local authorities, councils, Driving Digital, local government

Improving student support in Universities during COVID-19

by Emily Schilling 13 August 2020

Going to University has always been a daunting experience, especially when moving away from home. However, those starting University in September 2020 have the extra challenges regarding COVID-19 to contend with - alongside the usual concerns associated with beginning a new chapter at University.

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, higher-education, student journey, education, Microsoft, Covid-19

We don’t need a training course to learn Microsoft Teams, surely? Wrong! Here’s what I learnt.

by Mark Britton 20 May 2020

It's been a couple of months of home working now, and I'm getting pretty smug at how I can use Microsoft Teams. Video conference calls no longer suffer from fumbling around for the unmute button; exchanging emoji messages is a doddle, sending files is a cinch. So it came as a surprise...

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How can Local Governments shield their most vulnerable residents?

by Mark Britton 12 May 2020

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that: it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." 
Rahm Emanuel

Topics: Digital Transformation, Customer Engagement, Covid-19, housing associations, local authorities, Microsoft Virtual Agent, Crimson Shield, Microsoft Customer Service

Why a 'Personal' Customer Experience Is Critical to Your Business' Success

by Mark Britton 15 April 2020
This article highlights a few key reasons why businesses should embrace personalization as a powerful tool to stay competitive with customers and to differentiate themselves from competition. 70% of consumers say a company's understanding of their individual needs influences their loyalty. Consumers expect personalized experiences, and they build trust with those that are transparent about the data they collect.

Customer story: Miral

by Mark Britton 14 April 2020
An Abu Dhabi leisure company, Miral, recently embarked on a digital transformation journey to make Yas Island a top travel destination. With Microsoft Cloud technology, the company is using data insights to understand customer behavior and to create seamless and personalized customer experiences.

Mapping Data Protection Strategies For The New Year

by Mark Britton 14 April 2020
Even when Lewis and Clark set out to find the Northwest Passage, they had to keep business continuity and disaster recovery top of mind. Like those explorers, business owners and IT teams must put plans in place to mitigate unforeseen dangers and risks, while protecting data.