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Going beyond repairs and ASB: Escalating the complaints process to the housing ombudsman

Using National Student Survey scores to improve student satisfaction

Bringing Complaints Handling into the 21st Century

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Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 2 – Everything you need to know

Dynamics 365 Field Service on-premise is retiring: What happens next?

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5 ways housing associations can improve their sales and marketing

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: 2021 Wave 1 release - What to expect

Microsoft Power Platform: 2021 release Wave 1 – What to expect

Managing demand during the housing crisis: increasing sales productivity with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Viva Launch February 2021 - Making remote working easier

Google App Maker has shut down: it's time to move to Power Platform

In conversation with Martyn Wallace

In conversation with Peter Adams

Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

Improve the way you work with the new Microsoft Dataverse Platform

Putting the student experience first – What does the future have in store for higher education?

Artificial Intelligence and Sales Insights to boost your home sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365: 2020 release Wave 2 – What to expect

Enquiry portal integration with Dynamics 365

Chatting sells: Microsoft's Virtual Agent closes deals with AI technology

In conversation with Paul Parkinson: Part 2

In conversation with Paul Parkinson: Part 1

Improving student support in Universities during COVID-19

We don’t need a training course to learn Microsoft Teams, surely? Wrong! Here’s what I learnt.

How can Local Governments shield their most vulnerable residents?

Why a 'Personal' Customer Experience Is Critical to Your Business' Success

Customer story: Miral

Mapping Data Protection Strategies For The New Year

How cloud-based PBX and PSTN save Microsoft more than $120,000 per day with Skype for Business

Customer story: Zespri

Why Cloud Customer Flyer

Universities Urgently Need to Demonstrate Clearer Career Outcomes

The millennial arrival and the evolution of the modern workplace

Managing the enterprise cloud with Operations Management Suite

Listening to customer feedback with Azure Machine Learning

What is Microsoft Azure?

Seven tips to manage your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak

Preparing housing associations and local authorities for a brave new world

How to help your employees make the most of Microsoft Teams

How we're keeping the Crimson culture alive while remote working

COINS integration with Dynamics 365

How Microsoft Teams can transform remote working

Team Member licenses are changing in the Dynamics 365 Wave 1 release

How to configure a field to show active stage duration

All change on the PSA train to project excellence

The next steps to improve higher education technology

Crimson Webinar – Applying retention to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Office 365

Icons into list views: a step-by-step guide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface VS Web Client Interface: What is changing?

Microsoft Power Platform: Creating a Canvas App Using Common Data Service (CDS) - Part 1

Using Dynamics 365 V.9.0 Autonumbering

Microsoft Azure Front Door Service Deployment

Can Exchange be decommissioned in hybrid deployments?

Blurring the digital boundaries: What collaboration looks like for today’s university students

What's new in Dynamics 365 for 2019 release wave 2?

What your CRM data analytics can tell you about your students…

UCAS clearing 2019 and what it means for Higher Education.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs ClickDimensions

4 B2B Lead Generation Strategies Every Marketer Needs to Know

Microsoft Announce Dynamics 365 Licence Changes For October 2019

How to prevent your university course from crash and burn

Are partnerships the future for housebuilders?

Close Deals Faster and Smarter with These 3 Easy to Implement Sales Tips

The Impact of Next-Generation Technology on Housebuilders

Is your university software ready for Generation C?

How to Easily Increase Customer Loyalty without Tanking Your Budget

The Era of the Customer Experience Director

The CIO’s Guide to Creating an Effective IT Strategy

Buying time for IT: Time is of the essence for most IT departments – here’s how to get some of it back.

Navigating the Data Universe: Crimson Innovation Conference 2019 Debrief & Infographic

Encouraging IT Collaboration and Teamwork Beyond Boundaries

Creative Ways to Close More Deals with Microsoft Dynamics 365

7 Business Tech Take-Aways From My Time at Microsoft eXtreme365

Lower Cost, Higher Value: Serving Customers’ Needs While Keeping Costs Low

Lead Marketing: A Great Strategy for ROI-Focused Teams

Why intellectual property should be a key factor in IT procurement decisions for universities

How to Successfully Grow Your Company’s Shadow IT

How to Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Without Increasing Costs

PowerApps - Creating a Simple App from Existing Dynamics 365 Data

How to Measure Performance: 7 Metrics to Achieve Complete Visibility

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales – Relationship Assistant

6 Lead Generation Techniques to Improve Your Volume

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Assessment Tools Now Available for Crimson Clients

Why universities need a technology compass to navigate the student journey

Your Guide to Student Information System Software for Higher Education Institutes

Univertisty diversity: why higher education institutions are missing a trick with the diversity dilemma

The university recruitment and admissions process – how to get it right

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile and Tablets (Part 4 of 4)

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile and Tablets (Part 3 of 4)

Dealing with university drop-out rates in the digital era

The Rise Of The Smart Contact Centre

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile and Tablets (Part 2 of 4)

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile and Tablets (Part 1 of 4)

Adxstudio Reaches End of Life Support – Here Are Your Options

The secret to CRM ROI success for housebuilders – revealed

How housebuilders can rescue their failed CRM projects

Helping housebuilders adopt a successful approach to CRM

Why customer loyalty is one of the most valuable lessons in higher education right now

How technology supports compliance for the housebuilding and construction sector

Supply chain and effective demand forecasting

Looking beyond customer relationships and expanding your business horizons with xRM

Taking the first step: a strategic approach to implementing CRM

Why this billion dollar FAIL should silence the AI zealots

Planning for success: How to guarantee your Microsoft deployments fly not fail

How to streamline your supply chain with a WSSI report

Tips to success: Marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Understanding profit variance

10 things we learnt about The Fourth Industrial Revolution at this year's Innovation Conference

Forget crypto, data is the new currency

Here's what's new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9 for CRM

Your best IT investment this year? It might be what you’ve already got

Housebuilders are ripe for digital disruption – here’s why

Crimson launch the GDPR Compliance Manager app

Microsoft cloud services experts demo smart building development live

Could software development be completely automated using AI?

Microsoft envisioning guru Dave Coplin talks at Innovation Conference

Financial expert talks crypto currencies and blockchain at conference

Innovation not happening? Got a great idea for an app? We will build it for FREE

Key findings from Microsoft Future Decoded 2017

What do IT leaders think of Brexit?

Microsoft licences: A CSP programme could be cheaper than your enterprise agreement

IPaaS explained: The future of systems integration with Microsoft

The five foundations of successful IT project management

Artificial intelligence: what to really expect in your lifetime

How do CIOs know when it’s time to redesign an organisation’s IT architecture?

Find out what transpired at the Microsoft conference - Inspire 2017

Sleepless CIO Show demos mobile app-building using Microsoft PowerApps

Crimson's Weird Weekend Travelling to Microsoft Inspire

What do the new data protection laws mean for IT leaders?

Free Microsoft Logic Apps overview and practical demonstration

Innovating IT Through First Principles Thinking

How can CIOs demonstrate the value of the IT department?

How to create a culture of cyber security in your organisation

Digital transformation: What techniques do CIOs use to drive change?

How to project manage an offshore IT team

What does EU General Data Protection Regulation mean for businesses?

Former Forrester expert to speak at Crimson Innovation Conference 2017

Cloud services experts to demo live Dynamics 365 app build in 30 mins

Bank expert talks financial digital disruption at Innovation Conference

What traits do IT leaders need to bring about digital transformation?

“How do I choose the right systems for my business?” Off the shelf software is the answer!

How does the modern CIO align IT to business objectives?

Future Decoded findings – Microsoft: ‘The financial sector is pioneering digital transformation’

Microsoft Launches Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Champions AI at Future Decoded 2016

How do CIOs build trust with CEOs?

What will Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn mean for businesses?

The Making of a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

What LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Brings to Microsoft Dynamics and the World

Four reasons why CIOs need to focus on business outcomes

10 Tips For A Successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Adoption

Poor customer experience will destroy 30% of digital business projects

CIO, manage Microsoft SQL Server 2005 end of life now! It’s urgent!

Why CIOs should love Microsoft’s Logic Apps

How To Write The Perfect CV For IT Jobs

How will Microsoft Dynamics 365 change the world?

What To Do When You’re A CIO That’s In-between Roles

How is ‘digital’ changing the role of the CIO?

Is Your Call Centre Ready For Unified Service Desk?

Big Data Driven Companies Need Chief Ethics Officers

Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn for $26B

Brexit to jeopardise global online retail market (worth £28 billion by 2020)

Strategy Trumps Business Intelligence Tools For Unlocking Big Data

40% Of Companies To Restrict Notifications On Smartphones By 2020

Addressing Common Cloud Fears Within The IT Sector

20 Questions To Ask Cloud Service Providers

Is Your Business Ready For Digital Disruption?

Microsoft Announce New Power BI Sales Management Templates

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions Specialist Announced As Speaker

Why we love Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016’s new mobile controls

Why Are Football Clubs Opting For Microsoft Cloud Services?

Five Application Development Strategies For CIOs

Videos from Crimson Innovation Conference 2016 Now Available

BI Strategy: Focus on the value of informed decisions not on reporting tools

Digitising The Defence Industry

Digital Talent & Organisational Fit: The Changing World Of IT Recruitment

How to overcome data silo obstructions & boost BI potential

Retailers must go digital to improve shopping experience efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is transforming the financial services industry

How can CIOs enable digitisation within traditional organisations?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Customer Experience Is Key To Business Growth

How Will CIOs Spend Their Budgets In 2016?

Logistics Firms Can Streamline & Save With Digital Technology

Does My Business Need A CRM System?

What Will Be The Toughest Challenges For CIOs In 2016?

Top Three Microsoft Cloud Technologies for 2016

Monthly Retail Technology News Round-Up – 12/15

What Can CIOs Do To Improve Digital Acumen Within Their Company

What To Do When Your IT Team Are All Over 65

5 Five Signs You Need New Technology: Application Lifecycle Management

Webinar Reveals Retail Application Lifecycle Management Secrets