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Managing Alumni Relations with Dynamics 365

by Emily Schilling 25 April 2022

When you think of attending university, you often think of late nights, new friends, junk food, and hangovers. Unsurprisingly, most people who attended university refer to these years as some of the best years of their life. While universities don’t necessarily want to enhance the seemingly negative aspects of student life – after all, achieving a degree would typically be the main reason for attending university – enhancing the student experience leads to fiercely loyal graduates and alumni.

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Green Housing: Achieving Net Zero with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

by Emily Schilling 22 April 2022

The UK housing sector faces a sustainability challenge – achieving net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This task has now been set in law, making it a legal requirement for housing providers to work in unison with the government to decarbonise homes with improved insulation and the replacement of heating systems with ‘clean heat’ technologies.

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5 Benefits of Software Testing during Microsoft Stack Projects

by Emily Schilling 13 April 2022

 Introducing, Crimson’s new Software Test Practice. The new department consists of professionally qualified Software Testers who work alongside Crimson’s Development Team.  

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Reduce data chaos in Microsoft Teams with PowerApps

by Emily Schilling 7 April 2022

Crimson has developed a ‘Request a Team’ process and a PowerApp, reducing the data chaos caused by default Microsoft Teams settings. 

Microsoft Teams was one of the fasting growing apps of the COVID-19 pandemic, adding 95 million users in 2020. With over 500,000 businesses and education institutions currently using Teams as their default messaging system, it now has over 145 million daily active users. Teams helps organisations to meet virtually, share files, and keep in touch while working remotely, all while minimising email build-ups. For many organisations, they couldn’t have survived the pandemic without Microsoft Teams.  

Topics: collaboration and teamwork, modern workplace, Microsoft Teams

Power Platform 2022 Release Wave 1 - Everything you need to know

by Emily Schilling 16 March 2022

This release plan describes new features that will be released from April to September 2022.

Topics: Microsoft Power Platform

Dynamics 365 2022 Release Wave 1 - Everything you need to know

by Emily Schilling 11 March 2022

This release plan describes new features that will be released from April to September 2022.  

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improving student wellbeing post-pandemic with the Microsoft Stack

by Emily Schilling 25 February 2022

Coronavirus restrictions now seem like a thing of the past, leaving the UK and the rest of the world to clear up the debris that the pandemic left behind. One of the most prominent aftereffects of covid-19 is the damage it had on the overall mental health of so many people. One mental health charity, Shout, saw a rise of 60 per cent in helpline texts from January and February 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Loneliness has also increased since pre-pandemic levels, with one in 10 people saying they felt lonely in March 2020, compared with one in four in February 2021.

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365, higher-education, student journey

Predicting rent arrears in social housing using AI

by Emily Schilling 15 February 2022

Social housing tenants are set to face a rent increase in April 2022, which will cost an average of £200 a year per household. This price increase is accompanied by a soar in energy and food bills as the cost of living rises.

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365, housing, Pivigo

Take the hybrid road: Integrate your existing housing management system with Dynamics 365

by Emily Schilling 17 December 2021

Within the social housing sector, information management systems play a huge part in the overall satisfaction of both employees and customers (tenants). From property repairs and maintenance to rent accounts, the systems that manage this data are integral to the overall running of the association. This is what makes housing management systems so important. But the housing management system chosen across the company doesn’t have to manage every single part of the housing association, and more often than not, it doesn’t. While having multiple platforms or systems isn’t out of the ordinary in the social housing industry, having an integrated, joined-up view of tenants across all systems is.

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365, housing

Going beyond repairs and ASB: Escalating the complaints process to the housing ombudsman

by Emily Schilling 13 October 2021

In August, we discussed how mobile apps, portals, virtual agent (AI enabled Chatbots), and more can help housing associations manage issues such as repairs and anti-social behaviour. The next stage of this process is managing formal complaints, including escalation to the ombudsman complaints process.

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365, housing, complaints