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How to configure a field to show active stage duration

by Tom Clayton 13 March 2020

Often it is a requirement that the active stage duration is tracked on a dashboard or the like. However, the duration field out of the box, at least in my experience, doesn’t do what you think it does. In fact, if you look at the default calculation what it is doing its actually trying to calculate the difference between the created on date, and the completed on date-which is calculating the total time from BPF start to BPF finish. What most people actually want to see is a measure of how long a record has been at a certain stage of a BPF. So that’s what will be discussed in this blog post; how to REALLY calculate duration.   

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Microsoft Power Platform: Creating a Canvas App Using Common Data Service (CDS) - Part 1

by Tom Clayton 29 January 2020

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Using Dynamics 365 V.9.0 Autonumbering

by Tom Clayton 17 January 2020

With the introduction of Version 9.0 for Dynamics 365 and the new PowerApps-based solution editor, there is now a way to include autonumbering without the use of third-party managed solutions or plugins.

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