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Microsoft cloud services experts demo smart building development live

by Will Astbury 6 February 2018

Crimson’s Microsoft Cloud Services team will be demonstrating how cutting-edge technologies can be used to build a smart building live at this year’s Innovation Conference.

Led by Tom Cadman, Crimson’s visionary Director of Cloud Services, the team will be using Field Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and IoT technology for this 30-minute demo. It promises to be a truly exciting and immersive experience for the audience.

Topics: Innovation Conference, Microsoft 365, Field Service

Could software development be completely automated using AI?

by Will Astbury 1 February 2018

The skills shortage in the IT jobs market has been well documented and debated, with many organisations struggling to find the staff they need. However, AI, automation, and machine learning technologies could be about to tip the balance in the market place.

At Crimson’s Innovation Conference, Alex Omeyer, CEO of developer tools creator Stepsize, will be discussing how AI and machine learning can tackle the hugely expensive problem of software knowledge bottlenecks within organisations.  

Topics: AI, Development, Automation

Microsoft envisioning guru Dave Coplin talks at Innovation Conference

by Will Astbury 23 January 2018

Dave Coplin, former Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft, will describe how AI can help organisations meet customers’ needs at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2018.

Dave, who spent 12 years with the technology giant and now has his own consultancy, specialises in opening-up strategic conversations about how cutting-edge technologies could benefit businesses and society.

Topics: Innovation Conference, AI, Machine Learning

Financial expert talks crypto currencies and blockchain at conference

by Will Astbury 15 January 2018

Of late, the business world has been buzzing about Bitcoin, the competitor crypto currencies, and increasingly swift and agile methods of payment.

But should we believe the hype?

Innovation not happening? Got a great idea for an app? We will build it for FREE

by Will Astbury 17 November 2017

Many IT and business leaders struggle to drive innovation in their organisations because they’re stuck focusing on day-to-day tasks. Ground-breaking app development is the last thing on their mind.

However, with digital disruptions happening in the market place all the time, organisations can’t afford to stand still. If they don’t look to the future, they risk losing their competitive edge.

Crimson is now offering a FREE service to help organisations unlock their good ideas and embrace change.

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Key findings from Microsoft Future Decoded 2017

by Will Astbury 14 November 2017

The key message at Microsoft Future Decoded 2017 was ‘create a culture that embraces digital transformation’.

With cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence already rewriting the rules of business and competition in every industry, the speakers discussed how the escalating pace of change, particularly around automation, AI, blockchain, and quantum computers, would impact on organisations and their employees.

Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft UK, was the first of the keynotes to speak during the morning session on Tuesday 31 October 2017. She announced Microsoft’s latest white paper ‘Creating a culture of digital transformation’, which encapsulated the discussion points of the day’s keynotes.

Topics: Digital Transformation, digital disruption, Future Decoded

What do IT leaders think of Brexit?

by Will Astbury 25 October 2017

CIOs and IT Leaders had their say on Brexit at the 11th Annual Harvey Nash Business Lecture on Thursday 12 October 2017, with 67% of them revealing that they had voted to remain in the European Union.

Prior to the event, the audience, who were chiefly made up of Harvey Nash’s clients that benefit from its IT recruitment services, were surveyed about their thoughts on the current political environment’s effect on British business. These results were then compared to similar questions asked at the lecture in 2016.

Topics: Brexit, AI

Microsoft licences: A CSP programme could be cheaper than your enterprise agreement

by Will Astbury 10 October 2017

Let's face it, managing your Microsoft enterprise agreement competes with submitting your tax return as a job you'd rather forget.

It’s just as onerous and far far more expensive.

Topics: Enterprise Agreements, CSP

IPaaS explained: The future of systems integration with Microsoft

by Will Astbury 29 September 2017

As digital disruptions transform sectors through an ever-accelerating series of technological advancements, IPaaS offers CIOs, particularly those that have struggled to shift their organisations into the cloud, a tantalising back door into the world of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure.

In the September 2017 edition of its monthly webinar series ‘The Sleepless CIO Show’, Crimson discussed what Microsoft brings to the IPaaS party, now it has substantially improved its offering in this space.

Topics: Cloud, App Development, Logic Apps, IPaaS

The five foundations of successful IT project management

by Will Astbury 22 September 2017

IT project management is not a skill, it’s an art form. It’s a balancing act that requires systematic organised delivery, emotional intelligence, and technical prowess.  

As an IT consultancy, Crimson, over the last 15+ years, has honed this craft and it has decided to share its top project management tips with you.

Topics: Project Management