Innovation not happening? Got a great idea for an app? We will build it for FREE

Will Astbury
by Will Astbury 17 November 2017

Many IT and business leaders struggle to drive innovation in their organisations because they’re stuck focusing on day-to-day tasks. Ground-breaking app development is the last thing on their mind.

However, with digital disruptions happening in the market place all the time, organisations can’t afford to stand still. If they don’t look to the future, they risk losing their competitive edge.

Crimson is now offering a FREE service to help organisations unlock their good ideas and embrace change.

Dubbed the Innovation Pathfinder Programme, Crimson and Pathfinder4 are collaborating to give FREE technical consultancy, access to specialist expertise, and app development time to organisations that want to be different.

In the November episode of the Sleepless CIO Show, Crimson’s monthly technical webinar, the programme has been explained in full detail. Find out how you can access on-demand content to help your team think differently and drive through innovation. Have your ideas realised!

Click the image below to watch the recording of the webinar.



You can sign up to the Innovation Pathfinder Programme via this link Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity.

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