Microsoft envisioning guru Dave Coplin talks at Innovation Conference

Will Astbury
by Will Astbury 23 January 2018

Dave Coplin, former Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft, will describe how AI can help organisations meet customers’ needs at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2018.

Dave, who spent 12 years with the technology giant and now has his own consultancy, specialises in opening-up strategic conversations about how cutting-edge technologies could benefit businesses and society.

His speech at the Innovation Conference has been titled: ‘The rise of the humans: delivering value in an artificially intelligent world’. He will discuss how the rapid growth of internet-connected devices has brought huge advantages to businesses and how the same technology has disconnected some members of society.

Dave, who is a leading speaker in the technology industry, will argue that consumers are drowning in a digital deluge, an endless sea of devices which vie for their attention. He will describe how business leaders can ride the crest of the wave by embracing current technology trends, and by realising the true potential of AI technology, machine learning, and bots.

About Dave Coplin

Dave is now CEO of The Envisioners. He travels the world speaking and advising on the impact and potential of new technologies. His clients include the likes of Google and Facebook.

In his role at Microsoft, Dave was responsible for orchestrating and implementing an integrated thought-leadership strategy that addressed Microsoft’s potential with UK businesses and consumers.

His speech will blow your mind!

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