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The CIO’s Guide to Creating an Effective IT Strategy

by Mark Britton 26 June 2019

A reliable IT strategy starts with a plan. Whether you are crafting an IT strategy from scratch or retooling an existing structure, aligning with business goals and understanding the needs of your team can impact your success.

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Buying time for IT: Time is of the essence for most IT departments – here’s how to get some of it back.

by Mark Britton 17 April 2019

As tech forges forward at a brake neck speed, with new innovations bursting on to the scene seemly every other day, the pressure on IT departments is rapidly increasing to keep up with digital growth in the work place.

Topics: PowerApps

Navigating the Data Universe: Crimson Innovation Conference 2019 Debrief & Infographic

by Mark Britton 16 April 2019

Last week the IT world descended on The Vox in Birmingham for up-to-the-minute debates and updates about the key issues shaping the technology sector right now. And knowledge featured strongly throughout. Knowledge that is derived from data, with discussions and debates about how that data is captured, managed and interpreted.

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Encouraging IT Collaboration and Teamwork Beyond Boundaries

by Mark Britton 11 April 2019

Teamwork – it’s the cornerstone of any successful organization and a must-have for achieving any measurable level of success.

Topics: Logic Apps, microsoft dynamics 365, collaboration and teamwork, Microsoft Power BI

Creative Ways to Close More Deals with Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Mark Britton 4 April 2019

Businesses put a lot of work into bringing traffic, discovering leads, and offering great deals. All these functions could be viewed as secondary compared to one primary goal – closing.

Topics: Logic Apps, microsoft dynamics 365, Power BI

7 Business Tech Take-Aways From My Time at Microsoft eXtreme365

by Mark Britton 28 March 2019

I write to you from my hotel room on the outskirts of Amsterdam, directly under Schipol Airport’s flight path, at a hotel whose name and interior design is inspired by fossils.

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Lower Cost, Higher Value: Serving Customers’ Needs While Keeping Costs Low

by Mark Britton 26 March 2019

Everything in business is about balance.

Topics: Logic Apps, microsoft dynamics 365, Power BI, serving customers

Lead Marketing: A Great Strategy for ROI-Focused Teams

by Mark Britton 20 March 2019

Marketing encompasses many different qualities. The ability to read a customer and the power to get creative are just a couple parts of the process.

Topics: Logic Apps, microsoft dynamics 365, Power BI, lead marketing

Why intellectual property should be a key factor in IT procurement decisions for universities

by Mark Britton 11 March 2019

Faced with the many different pressures that an increasingly interconnected world relying on data and digital systems involves, it’s no wonder that today’s universities are facing many IT challenges.

With this in mind, any system needs to be fit for purpose to deal with these increasing demands, and the capability to adapt to those of the future. And this is precisely why universities investing in what they believe to be the latest in technology need to be aware of the issues surrounding intellectual property (IP).

Topics: higher-education

How to Successfully Grow Your Company’s Shadow IT

by Mark Britton 25 February 2019

Technology moves fast – sometimes a little too fast for a company’s liking.

Topics: Managed IT Services, App Development, Integration, Offshore IT, IPaaS, Microsoft 365, shadow IT, microsoft dynamics 365, CaaS, Microsoft Azure