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Putting the student experience first – What does the future have in store for higher education?

by Emily Schilling 10 November 2020


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Artificial Intelligence and Sales Insights to boost your home sales

by Emily Schilling 9 November 2020

Artificial Intelligence, often referred to as AI, continues to grow in popularity across marketing, sales, and other areas across a company’s operational processes. One prevalent example of how AI is currently being used is to personalise the customer experience - often by the use of chatbots or virtual assistants which manage complaints, answer questions, or offer suggestions based on previous actions. For many companies, however, there is a bigger opportunity when AI is used to understand sales and marketing KPI’s by proactively identifying gaps and improvements. By recognising the cause of problems and offering the best solution, the use of AI not only saves time but also reduces the probability of issues happening in the future.

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How to Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Without Increasing Costs

by Mark Britton 18 February 2019

Customers – they’re the focal point of any business. Their presence and their experience at an establishment can make or break the entire organisation.

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How to Measure Performance: 7 Metrics to Achieve Complete Visibility

by Mark Britton 11 February 2019

How’s your business doing? This may seem like a simple question to those on the outside – but anyone on the inside knows it goes a lot deeper than that.

Sure, the establishment may be turning a profit and moving products at a decent pace. But exactly how fast are those products moving? What is the percentage of profit gained now in comparison to a year ago? How many leads are turned into satisfied customers with deals closed?

Knowing how to measure performance based on real data is important for any business and especially any sales team. Better visibility means to know how the business is doing, where it is heading, and how to go about achieving organisational goals.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales – Relationship Assistant

by Adam Round 5 February 2019

As part of their heavy focus on developing Artificial Intelligence within their products and services, Microsoft has implemented a new suite of features called ‘Embedded Intelligence’. This new suite of features allows you to make the most out of your Dynamics 365 by continuously analysing crucial customer interaction data to help you choose the best path forward for your business; based on already existing data.

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Could software development be completely automated using AI?

by Will Astbury 1 February 2018

The skills shortage in the IT jobs market has been well documented and debated, with many organisations struggling to find the staff they need. However, AI, automation, and machine learning technologies could be about to tip the balance in the market place.

At Crimson’s Innovation Conference, Alex Omeyer, CEO of developer tools creator Stepsize, will be discussing how AI and machine learning can tackle the hugely expensive problem of software knowledge bottlenecks within organisations.  

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Microsoft envisioning guru Dave Coplin talks at Innovation Conference

by Will Astbury 23 January 2018

Dave Coplin, former Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft, will describe how AI can help organisations meet customers’ needs at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2018.

Dave, who spent 12 years with the technology giant and now has his own consultancy, specialises in opening-up strategic conversations about how cutting-edge technologies could benefit businesses and society.

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What do IT leaders think of Brexit?

by Will Astbury 25 October 2017

CIOs and IT Leaders had their say on Brexit at the 11th Annual Harvey Nash Business Lecture on Thursday 12 October 2017, with 67% of them revealing that they had voted to remain in the European Union.

Prior to the event, the audience, who were chiefly made up of Harvey Nash’s clients that benefit from its IT recruitment services, were surveyed about their thoughts on the current political environment’s effect on British business. These results were then compared to similar questions asked at the lecture in 2016.

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