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How to Successfully Grow Your Company’s Shadow IT

by Mark Britton 25 February 2019

Technology moves fast – sometimes a little too fast for a company’s liking.

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IPaaS explained: The future of systems integration with Microsoft

by Mark Britton 29 September 2017

As digital disruptions transform sectors through an ever-accelerating series of technological advancements, IPaaS offers CIOs, particularly those that have struggled to shift their organisations into the cloud, a tantalising back door into the world of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure.

In the September 2017 edition of its monthly webinar series ‘The Sleepless CIO Show’, Crimson discussed what Microsoft brings to the IPaaS party, now it has substantially improved its offering in this space.

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Five Application Development Strategies For CIOs

by Mark Britton 13 April 2016

Apps are no longer a thing of the future. They are a tool of the present. Commercial and public users see apps as the norm, and they now expect the operational efficiency and smooth customer experiences that apps have created.

The influx of business apps has piled new responsibilities onto the shoulders of Chief Information Officers (CIOs). They are under pressure to improve the customer journey and to collect new streams of high quality data.

This blog recommends five ways that CIOs can maximise the potential of application development for their organisation.

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