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Monthly Retail Technology News Round-Up – 12/15

by Mark Britton 22 December 2015

Crimson’s marketing department have gathered some of the most interesting retail technology articles from around the web for you to enjoy.

We have also collated a list of our most recent blog posts and articles which share insights into the world of IT consultancy and IT recruitment for the retail sector.

Interesting Retail Technology Articles From Across The Web

  • Centennials Prefer To Shop In-Store But Research Online - The next generation of shoppers could be leading a return to in-store shopping, according to new research. Read more:
  • Jury Still Out On Black Friday According To Mastercard - MasterCard SpendingPulse data shows that growth of UK retail sales for Black Friday dropped from 23.6% in 2014 to 8.7% this year. Read more:

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What To Do When Your IT Team Are All Over 65

by Mark Britton 17 December 2015

Recently we encountered a client that was heavily reliant on a bespoke software.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Nothing unusual about that’. Especially in the sectors we operate in; retail, logistics, and financial services.

Well what if I told you that no one within our client’s company knew how to use or manage that bespoke software? You’re interested now aren’t you!

To be honest, different members of the IT team DID know how to operate and maintain certain PARTS of the application. But no one knew the system back-to-front, nor end-to-end. What’s more, they didn’t even have any up-to-date documentation about how to use the system.

And there was another snag, all of the IT department were over retirement age. Not just that, their average age was over 75!

Our client was terrified that at any moment one their key IT leaders would retire and take their knowledge of the company’s key operational system with them.

The client turned to us, managed IT consultants Crimson, for help. After an initial consultation, we diagnosed the client with a terrible case of legacy software coupled with a bout of limited skilled resources. We recommended a healthy dose of strategic application lifecycle management (ALM) to cure the problem.

Topics: Application Lifecycle Management

5 Five Signs You Need New Technology: Application Lifecycle Management

by Mark Britton 15 December 2015

Crimson’s application lifecycle management guru Eddie Nicholas has highlighted five sure fire signs that indicate your company needs to invest in new technology.

Writing on LinkedIn Pulse, Crimson’s Service Delivery Manager Eddie analyses the pitfalls that can occur when retail companies are operating legacy or badly maintained technology. He also provides an in-depth explanation of the stages of the application lifecycle process.


Topics: Application Lifecycle Management

Webinar Reveals Retail Application Lifecycle Management Secrets

by Mark Britton 11 December 2015

In our latest webinar, ‘The Secret Diary Of An ALM Specialist’ Crimson will be revealing the ups and downs of a real-life application lifecycle management strategy.


Led by one of our expert ALM consultants, we will be uncovering some of the technology issues experienced by one of the UK’s largest distribution companies.


We expose the dangers of failing to share knowledge about bespoke software and divulge some unique insights about how to handle ALM within one of Britain’s largest privately owned companies.


Topics: Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management Needs A Unified Vision

by Mark Britton 15 October 2015

In our recent white paper ‘The Key To Application Lifecycle Management’, we examined how a unified approach to new software implementation and maintenance is essential for managing technology changes within an organisation.

Failing to correctly install, embed, and sustain your company’s critical systems can cause a range of issues that could hamper your growth, including;

  • You may fail to meet your company’s new software needs.
  • IT operations may increasingly fall behind the demands of stakeholders and customers.
  • Your applications may not be nimble enough to leverage the latest technology trends demanded by customers, such as POS software or mobile shopping.
  • The amount you spend on supporting your systems will increase – taking away your budget for growth projects that drive tactical innovation.
  • Your IT team will have to spend more time on maintenance projects rather than strategic development assignments. This can lead to staff retention issues, dwindling knowledge about the latest technology, and difficulties in attracting skilled individuals.

Topics: Retail Technology, Managed IT Services, Application Lifecycle Management