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6 Lead Generation Techniques to Improve Your Volume

by Mark Britton 5 February 2019

Lead generation is one of the more important aspects of any marketing department. It’s the foundation of a successful sales strategy – without people who are interested in what you have to offer, it is impossible to move products.

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Big Data Driven Companies Need Chief Ethics Officers

by Will Astbury 15 June 2016

Business intelligence and big data are high on the agenda for most CIOs in 2016, however customers and contacts are concerned about how their data is being used. recently reported that smart digital companies are introducing the role of the ‘Chief Ethics Officer’ or the ‘Chief Digital Officer’ to their boards. These individuals will have the objective of policing data security and the use of customer information.

These organisations have taken the steps not only because they wish to secure themselves from hackers, but because use of data is a high priority for most consumers.

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Strategy Trumps Business Intelligence Tools For Unlocking Big Data

by Will Astbury 3 June 2016

Many CIOs and IT leaders of major companies are becoming exasperated at the importance their board is placing on business intelligence tools.

True, extracting key insights from ‘Big Data’ is crucial for every organisation. They can teach you a lot about your customers’ interests, buying habits, marketing activities and so on. However, simply purchasing a business intelligence tool doesn’t mean you will automatically glean accurate useful information from your data.

Chris Weston, CTO of Bellrock and friend of Crimson, recently published an article on LinkedIn Pulse titled ‘“Unlock the power of your data” - if you dare’. In it he articulately, and comically, outlined the struggles that many IT decision-makers experience and explains why establishing a strong data strategy is so important if companies truly want to make the most out of their data.

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Microsoft Announce New Power BI Sales Management Templates

by Will Astbury 20 May 2016

On 20 May 2016 Microsoft revealed a public preview of two new sales management solution templates for Power BI. One that works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and another that works with SalesForce.

According to Microsoft, these templates have been designed to help customers “quickly deliver powerful analytics and visualizations on their source applications”. They aim to simplify the process of building Power BI solutions onto your applications and guide you when creating extensive reports on your sales data.

The sales solution templates include three components:

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BI Strategy: Focus on the value of informed decisions not on reporting tools

by Will Astbury 22 March 2016

Simon Chave, leading IT consultant and Owning Partner at Crimson, has said that clean quality data is more important for BI than expensive reporting tools.

Outlining his thoughts in an article on LinkedIn Pulse, Simon discusses the importance of establishing detailed key performance indicators (KPIs) and data mining to a strong BI strategy.

With more than 25 years’ experience working alongside the IT teams of major UK companies, Simon also reveals which KPIs should be monitored to get a rounded view of your company.

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How to overcome data silo obstructions & boost BI potential

by Will Astbury 7 March 2016

Business Intelligence (BI) reports based on Big Data analytics are becoming an increasingly important tool for decision makers in most major organisations.

Good quality BI can be the difference between success and failure, as it can help companies to streamline operations, predict market changes, increase customer satisfaction, and improve products and services.

However, many organisations struggle to tap into the potential of BI because they are experiencing massive, seemingly immovable, obstructions to intelligence caused by ‘data silos’; difficult-to-access databases that separate from an organisation’s enterprise-wide shared data network.

A report by information technology research specialists Aberdeen Group, entitled ‘Winter Is Not Coming: Eliminating Data Silos And Ending Information Hoarding’, analysed 189 organisations that were struggling to access Big Data due to silos. This article highlights the problems caused by data silos and suggests ways to overcome these obstructions.

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