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How to Measure Performance: 7 Metrics to Achieve Complete Visibility

by Mark Britton 11 February 2019

How’s your business doing? This may seem like a simple question to those on the outside – but anyone on the inside knows it goes a lot deeper than that.

Sure, the establishment may be turning a profit and moving products at a decent pace. But exactly how fast are those products moving? What is the percentage of profit gained now in comparison to a year ago? How many leads are turned into satisfied customers with deals closed?

Knowing how to measure performance based on real data is important for any business and especially any sales team. Better visibility means to know how the business is doing, where it is heading, and how to go about achieving organisational goals.

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IPaaS explained: The future of systems integration with Microsoft

by Will Astbury 29 September 2017

As digital disruptions transform sectors through an ever-accelerating series of technological advancements, IPaaS offers CIOs, particularly those that have struggled to shift their organisations into the cloud, a tantalising back door into the world of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure.

In the September 2017 edition of its monthly webinar series ‘The Sleepless CIO Show’, Crimson discussed what Microsoft brings to the IPaaS party, now it has substantially improved its offering in this space.

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Addressing Common Cloud Fears Within The IT Sector

by Will Astbury 31 May 2016

Simon Chave, leading IT consultant and Owning Partner at Crimson, has revealed startling new research into cloud technology trends.


Turning to LinkedIn Pulse to announce Crimson’s latest white paper ‘Transitioning To The Cloud’, Simon shared an excerpt from the research entitled ‘Cloud Fears Addressed’.


The white paper also explores a variety of leading strategies for moving to the cloud, as well as economic sweet spots for cloud investment.

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20 Questions To Ask Cloud Service Providers

by Will Astbury 27 May 2016

With agility, accessibility, and adaptability high on many CIOs agendas, more and more organisations are moving parts of their operations into the cloud.

However, transitioning to the cloud is a process that needs to be carefully managed. You need to choose a cloud services provider that can give your organisation the technological knowledge and strategic implementation that it requires.

As with any industry, cloud service providers can range from small innovative competitively-priced start-ups to large international companies offering a range of services and a range of data centres across the globe.

To help you choose the right cloud partner, Crimson’s IT consultants have put together a list of 20 questions that you can ask of potential cloud service providers to your business:

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Why Are Football Clubs Opting For Microsoft Cloud Services?

by Will Astbury 20 April 2016

On the 19 May 2016, Crimson are arranging a series of IT seminars at Chelsea Football Club. These events have been designed for CIOs and other IT leaders, and will address strategies for making companies more agile by using Microsoft Cloud services and the range of uses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

In the course of organising this event, Chelsea’s Head of ICT Elaine Clark, who will be addressing attendees, revealed that the club is using a number of adaptations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to perform different functions within the club’s retail business, the first team training facilities, and the sales team.

This led us to as the questions:

  • “Do other football clubs use Microsoft solutions?”, and
  • “How do they use them?”

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Top Three Microsoft Cloud Technologies for 2016

by Will Astbury 4 January 2016

 In November 2015, we reported on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s announcement that the Microsoft’s public cloud would be arriving in the UK in 2016.

Speaking at Future Decoded, Microsoft’s London Conference, Nadella revealed the progression of the software giant’s public cloud into Europe. Two data centres have already been built in Ireland and The Netherlands, and a third development will take place in the UK in the new year.

So with cloud technologies clearly a priority for Microsoft, we reveal which of their cloud solutions will be leading the way in 2016.

New Enterprise Features For Office 365

According to Microsoft “These new services represent the single most significant release of new enterprise value in the history of Office 365” as they promise to provide new capabilities for meetings, voice technology, business intelligence, and security.

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Data Mobility Through Cloud Will Drive Retail Productivity

by Will Astbury 13 November 2015

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has announced the expansion of the technology giant’s public cloud into Europe. 

Speaking this week at Microsoft’s Future Decoded conference, which took place at London’s ExCel conference and exhibition centre, Nadella revealed that development of data centres in Ireland and The Netherlands had already been completed and that work on a third centre will begin in the UK in 2016.

The aim of this expansion is to increase data accessibility, which in-turn will change the culture of personal computing and amplify productivity for companies.

At Crimson, we specialise in retail technology strategy solutions so this blog examines how these advancements will affect our contacts and clients in the retail sector.

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Retail CIOs Must Use Cloud Computing To Boost Profits

by Will Astbury 18 September 2015

In recent years, consumers have shifted online for product research, comparison, and purchasing.

They have begun to source and order specific products from shops all over the world, and they expect excellent customer service, top quality manufacturing, and speedy delivery.

Retail companies no longer have the influence over fashion trends that they once did. However, ‘The Cloud’ has become the sector’s ‘Holy Grail’ answer to this problem.

There are a range of ways that retail sector CIOs can utilise cloud technology to boost profits, increase margins, and streamline processes, including;

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