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Is your university software ready for Generation C?

by Mark Britton 4 July 2019

Millennials are so last year. There’s a new generation hitting the social scene – Generation C. However, quite unlike most demographic cohorts, this one does not fall into a particular age demographic. Instead, it’s a term used to describe a new generation of people who have one thing in common: they’re digital natives and exceptionally tech-savvy. Furthermore, anybody can join the Generation C community, as long as they are digitally connected and a follower of Web 2.0.

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Microsoft Launches Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Champions AI at Future Decoded 2016

by Mark Britton 3 November 2016

This week I attended Future Decoded, Microsoft’s annual UK event at ExCel, London, that showcases Microsoft technology for business.

This year’s theme focused on digital transformation, a term now regularly cited in the IT press, but how much is the term just new words for the general progress IT is making?

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The Making of a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

by Mark Britton 14 October 2016

Only a small group of people are recognised as a MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft every year, and Crimson is delighted to say that one of its employees has received one of these awards.

Neil Parkhurst, a CRM functional consultant within Crimson’s IT solutions team, has been named an MVP by Microsoft for his contribution to Business Solutions, namely Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Unified Service Desk (USD)

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions Specialist Announced As Speaker

by Mark Britton 29 April 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 has become a formidable contender in the CRM market that finds itself on many IT leaders' shortlists.

Crimson is hosting a series of seminars of to discuss the platform and delve into the new features that are elevating customer relationship management across a number of sectors.

Laurence Tinsley, a technology specialist at Microsoft, will be addressing attendees. Laurence has worked within Microsoft as a Dynamics CRM solutions specialist for almost five years and will be explaining the latest developments for the 2016 version of the software.

He will be looking beyond the traditional paradigm of customer relationship management, to uncover how this toolkit can become a rapid development platform for a range of projects.

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Why we love Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016’s new mobile controls

by Mark Britton 22 April 2016

Writing on his personal blog, Crimson’s CRM Dynamics Functional Consultant Neil Parkhurst has recently analysed the new mobile controls created for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

In the past, Neil has hosted a broad webinar which looked into interesting new features introduced into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

This blog post examines a particular new capability that lets you customize your mobile forms with controls that are touch friendly. These including sliders, flip switches, and even pen controls.

Neil provides a demonstration of the standard opportunity form on the mobile client, showing how easy it is to customize the form to use these new controls.

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Why Are Football Clubs Opting For Microsoft Cloud Services?

by Mark Britton 20 April 2016

On the 19 May 2016, Crimson are arranging a series of IT seminars at Chelsea Football Club. These events have been designed for CIOs and other IT leaders, and will address strategies for making companies more agile by using Microsoft Cloud services and the range of uses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

In the course of organising this event, Chelsea’s Head of ICT Elaine Clark, who will be addressing attendees, revealed that the club is using a number of adaptations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to perform different functions within the club’s retail business, the first team training facilities, and the sales team.

This led us to as the questions:

  • “Do other football clubs use Microsoft solutions?”, and
  • “How do they use them?”

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is transforming the financial services industry

by Mark Britton 18 February 2016

Over the past few years the financial services industry has had to overcome some major challenges and changes.

I’m not just talking about the global economic crises, but also the legislative, cultural and technological shifts brought about by the escalating impact of digitisation and new players in the market place.

One solution that many Chief Information Officers have already turned to is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At this point you’re thinking “Here we go…”, but actually more than 6,000 financial services firms are utilising the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. AND, we at Crimson, a Microsoft CRM Gold Partner, are working with several clients across the sector including the likes of Volkswagon Financial Services, International Group, Trade Finance, and eBury Partners.

How can Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 address the challenges to the financial sector?

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Customer Experience Is Key To Business Growth

by Mark Britton 8 February 2016

In a connected world, delivering a great customer experience is more essential than ever. What your customer experiences is what helps you differentiate your business, build loyalty, and maintain your reputation. This is where a strong CRM system comes in, but many businesses find CRM daunting—they think it’s only for multi-national companies and too complex for their needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can win customers and keep them happy with an easy-to-use solution designed to help businesses of virtually any size to maximise opportunities, boost mobile productivity, and make better-informed decisions.

Dynamics CRM Online works seamlessly with familiar tools like Office 365, so employees can make true customer relationship management a part of their day-to-day activities— including scheduling meetings, sending emails, and connecting for online conferences. It is also hosted by Microsoft, so you can focus on your business and your customers—not the technology that helps you serve them.

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Does My Business Need A CRM System?

by Mark Britton 15 January 2016

As a CRM specialist and Microsoft Gold Partner, we regularly hear the question “Does my business need a CRM system?” followed by “When’s the best time to install CRM software into a business?”.

In an ideal world every company would install a world class CRM software as soon as they began trading. This would enable them gather clean customer and contact data from the beginning of their commercial lifecycles.

Obviously, not every business works like that. In reality, organisations constantly weigh-up CRM system investment against the number of leads they have.

However, sales and marketing professionals forget that CRM software is all about ‘Customer Relationship Management’. It’s not just about amplifying the number of leads into your business. CRM software is designed to help nurture your bonds with your current customers, as well as fine-tune your sales and marketing processes with accurate data. You cannot achieve this when managing your contacts through out-of-date spreadsheets.

What’s more, the consumer world expects excellent customer service, as a recent survey from Microsoft revealed:

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What's New About Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

by Mark Britton 9 December 2015

In a live webinar, Crimson CRM Dynamics Functional Consultant Neil Parkhurst recently shared the key developments that have come about as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

On Wednesday 9 December 2015, Neil conducted an in-depth analysis of the features added to the latest iteration of this customer relationship management software, which is an update for both CRM Online and On-Premise versions.

This blog outlines Neil’s main arguments, revealing how organisations can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 to personalise customer experiences with context-based interactions and use analytics to identify patterns and predict outcomes.

The key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 include …

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