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Using National Student Survey scores to improve student satisfaction

by Emily Schilling 15 September 2021

In 2020, the National Student Survey (NSS) was completed by 70% of final-year students across 407 higher education institutions. The student satisfaction score produced from the findings of this survey covers a range of academic areas, including receiving feedback from tutors, library facilities, personal development opportunities, and more.

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Identifying at risk students with the art of simulation

by Emily Schilling 4 May 2021


In 2020Debut Careers found that an average of 6.3 percent of higher education students drop out of university in the UK. While many prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge had much lower attrition rates, many modern universities had significantly higher rates, such as London Metropolitan University and University of Bolton which scored 18.6 percent and 15.4 percent respectively.  

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How to prevent your university course from crash and burn

by Mark Britton 19 July 2019

There’s never enough hours in the day.

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How to Measure Performance: 7 Metrics to Achieve Complete Visibility

by Mark Britton 11 February 2019

How’s your business doing? This may seem like a simple question to those on the outside – but anyone on the inside knows it goes a lot deeper than that.

Sure, the establishment may be turning a profit and moving products at a decent pace. But exactly how fast are those products moving? What is the percentage of profit gained now in comparison to a year ago? How many leads are turned into satisfied customers with deals closed?

Knowing how to measure performance based on real data is important for any business and especially any sales team. Better visibility means to know how the business is doing, where it is heading, and how to go about achieving organisational goals.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales – Relationship Assistant

by Adam Round 5 February 2019

As part of their heavy focus on developing Artificial Intelligence within their products and services, Microsoft has implemented a new suite of features called ‘Embedded Intelligence’. This new suite of features allows you to make the most out of your Dynamics 365 by continuously analysing crucial customer interaction data to help you choose the best path forward for your business; based on already existing data.

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The Rise Of The Smart Contact Centre

by Simon Chave 1 October 2018

"Always deliver more than expected.” — Larry Page, co-founder of Google

The Contact Centre often plays a crucial role in delivering on the “excellent customer service” promise to which all enterprises now aspire. Having worked with numerous customer service led organisations I am well aware that the Contact Centre sits in the middle of an ecosystem of various IT applications and that integration and insight from data are key differentiators that can mature organisations from good to great.

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Supply chain and effective demand forecasting

by Mark Britton 29 May 2018

I spent many years working with customers who run with two - yes two - forecasts and for excellent reasons. The first is usually based on the financial budget for the year, which is copied and adjusted to become the active forecast. The second is a demand forecast that drives replenishment and is usually based on detailed analysis of actual activity.

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Why this billion dollar FAIL should silence the AI zealots

by Mark Britton 26 April 2018

While Tesla continues to trudge through ‘production hell’ to deliver their promise of a mass-market electric car, Elon Musk has finally declared that robots aren’t always the answer to marching beyond the licking flames of Beelzebub. And in a recent tweet Musk further conceded that humans are in fact an underrated alternative to reaching the pinprick of sunlight Tesla is chasing. Who knew?

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How to streamline your supply chain with a WSSI report

by Simon Chave 9 April 2018

Whether you work in engineering, fast-moving consumer goods, retail or other industries, fantastic corporate performance is heavily dependant upon a robust and agile supply chain.

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Understanding profit variance

by Simon Chave 26 March 2018

Many organisations track and measure the variance between budget, forecast and actual gross margin, often with the ability to drill into variance degrees of detail and dice and slice data in a plethora of ways. However, I have been lucky enough to work with a series of great management accountants in my career and they introduced me to the concept of Gross Profit Variance Analysis that provide insight into why an target was missed. This technique delivers real insight into what is influencing profit variation. Are targets missed (or exceeded) through decreased sales volume, sale price reduction or cost increases.

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