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PowerApps - Creating a Simple App from Existing Dynamics 365 Data

by Adam Round 11 February 2019

Microsoft’s ‘PowerApps’ allows your organisation to innovate faster by creating simple, easy to use business apps with a point-and-click approach to app design. Long gone are the days of manually writing each line of code and spending hours of your precious time debugging, only to discover that one rogue ‘;’ was the cause of all your problems. So, put down your ‘Coding for Dummies’ book and take a look at what Microsoft’s PowerApps has to offer.

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Could software development be completely automated using AI?

by Will Astbury 1 February 2018

The skills shortage in the IT jobs market has been well documented and debated, with many organisations struggling to find the staff they need. However, AI, automation, and machine learning technologies could be about to tip the balance in the market place.

At Crimson’s Innovation Conference, Alex Omeyer, CEO of developer tools creator Stepsize, will be discussing how AI and machine learning can tackle the hugely expensive problem of software knowledge bottlenecks within organisations.  

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