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Dealing with university drop-out rates in the digital era

by Mark Britton 5 October 2018

Universities are facing a drop-out dilemma.

Topics: digital disruption, higher-education

Your best IT investment this year? It might be what you’ve already got

by Mark Britton 6 March 2018

While the tech giants bang the ‘digital disruption’ drum and business leaders scramble to understand what the Fourth Industrial Revolution means, a piece of research quietly landed on my desk this week that poured cold water over some of the hype.

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Housebuilders are ripe for digital disruption – here’s why

by Mark Britton 20 February 2018

By 2030 analysts predict that machines a thousand times more powerful than the human brain will be responsible for making a third of today’s UK jobs redundant. Digitisation and the advent of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution are disrupting industry after industry, but until now housebuilders – and the wider construction industry - have remained largely unaffected. Here I explore why and what I think will happen next.

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Key findings from Microsoft Future Decoded 2017

by Mark Britton 14 November 2017

The key message at Microsoft Future Decoded 2017 was ‘create a culture that embraces digital transformation’.

With cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence already rewriting the rules of business and competition in every industry, the speakers discussed how the escalating pace of change, particularly around automation, AI, blockchain, and quantum computers, would impact on organisations and their employees.

Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft UK, was the first of the keynotes to speak during the morning session on Tuesday 31 October 2017. She announced Microsoft’s latest white paper ‘Creating a culture of digital transformation’, which encapsulated the discussion points of the day’s keynotes.

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Artificial intelligence: what to really expect in your lifetime

by Mark Britton 7 September 2017

We keep hearing about how technology is accelerating and that artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to change the world. But what does this really mean for you and me during our lifetime? I look around and still see humans fumbling around trying to get the printer to work, so what gives?

Topics: Digital Transformation, digital disruption, Artificial intelligence

Digital transformation: What techniques do CIOs use to drive change?

by Mark Britton 21 April 2017

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that their competitors could unveil a new disruptive innovation at any time. Such disruptions have the potential to topple major organisations and transform entire industries.

To reduce the possibility of this happening, organisations must adopt cutting-edge ideas and embrace digital technologies. In most cases, it is the CIO’s / technology leader’s responsibility to drag the organisation into the 21st century. This is not easy, particularly for large companies that have powerful strong-willed stakeholders and ancient legacy systems that are vital for day-to-day operations.

In this article, Crimson’s IT solutions consultants highlight five actions that CIOs can take to drive change within their organisation.

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Former Forrester expert to speak at Crimson Innovation Conference 2017

by Mark Britton 6 March 2017

Former Forrester Principle Marc Dowd, now Director of PathFinder4, will be discussing digital skills and disruptive ecosystems at Crimson’s Innovation Conference 2017.

Digital disruption is at the forefront of many CIOs agendas but digitising processes is not true disruption. As consumers’ expectations continue to evolve, organisations need to react by transforming quickly to meet current consumer desires.

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Bank expert talks financial digital disruption at Innovation Conference

by Mark Britton 7 February 2017

Bank of England transformation specialist Jay Jobanputra is to speak at Crimson’s Innovation Conference.

Jay, who joined the Bank of England in 2011, will be discussing how technology is disrupting the financial services sector and how it can make the work of the Bank better.

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What traits do IT leaders need to bring about digital transformation?

by Mark Britton 29 December 2016

Some organisations are embracing the process of digital transformation whilst others are being dragged into the 21st century by a few adventurous individuals.

Entire sectors are now being disrupted by new innovations, so whether you like it or not, your company must accept that digital change will happen eventually. Successfully shifting your organisation’s culture and business models onto the digital platforms and digitising your products and services is dependent on several factors; having the right leaders, getting buy-in from the board and key stakeholders, and finding talented staff.

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Future Decoded findings – Microsoft: ‘The financial sector is pioneering digital transformation’

by Mark Britton 11 November 2016

I went to Microsoft’s annual UK Conference Future Decoded with the expectation that I’d be hearing a lot about the potential and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest cloud-based amalgamation of Microsoft’s CRM, ERP, Flow and Adobe Marketing solutions.

There were several intensive breakout sessions specifically on this topic, but the real focus of the day for the speakers was ‘digital transformation’.

Topics: Digital Transformation, digital disruption, Microsoft Dynamics 365