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Are partnerships the future for housebuilders?

by Mark Britton 17 July 2019

In times of change, it’s no surprise that - in a bid to stay competitive - organisations in every sector are finding new ways to attract and retain customers while delivering growth. For some this means delivering new, often technology-driven products and services (think retail, automotive, home entertainment) and the adoption of entirely new business models.

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The Impact of Next-Generation Technology on Housebuilders

by Mark Britton 8 July 2019

Technology has an increasingly important role in servicing the digital generation. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and hyper-personalisation have gone from being buzzwords to common techniques used in the world of business and commerce.

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The secret to CRM ROI success for housebuilders – revealed

by Mark Britton 21 June 2018

Success isn’t achieved overnight.

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How housebuilders can rescue their failed CRM projects

by Mark Britton 21 June 2018

In our last post in this special Audit and Review blog series, we focus on the proven method housebuilders can follow to make sure their CRM adoption and implementation processes are geared towards achieving one thing – success.

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Helping housebuilders adopt a successful approach to CRM

by Mark Britton 21 June 2018

Success, as wonderful as it is and as much as all businesses strive to achieve it, is often short-lived, especially in relation to embracing all things digital.

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How technology supports compliance for the housebuilding and construction sector

by Mark Britton 14 June 2018

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say compliance is undoubtedly one of the buzzwords of the moment right now, and increasingly so when it comes to technology and the pains currently being experience from digital transformation across all UK business sectors, including housebuilding and development.

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