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PowerApps - Creating a Simple App from Existing Dynamics 365 Data

by Adam Round 11 February 2019

Microsoft’s ‘PowerApps’ allows your organisation to innovate faster by creating simple, easy to use business apps with a point-and-click approach to app design. Long gone are the days of manually writing each line of code and spending hours of your precious time debugging, only to discover that one rogue ‘;’ was the cause of all your problems. So, put down your ‘Coding for Dummies’ book and take a look at what Microsoft’s PowerApps has to offer.

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How do CIOs know when it’s time to redesign an organisation’s IT architecture?

by Will Astbury 1 September 2017

Every CIO knows the ‘IT architecture lifecycle’. It’s pretty much the same for every organisation.

  1. It begins with designing an IT architecture strategy that meets the objectives within an organisation’s three to five-year business plan.
  2. Once the key stakeholders agree the design, it is then passed to the architecture team, or IT external supplier, to implement the plans.
  3. After the architecture has been built, it is passed to another team to support it, and fix it when required.
  4. Over time, the organisation’s priorities change. Budget cuts, company politics, personnel churn, digital disruptions, and data legislation shifts dilute and evolve the original architecture strategy causing new technologies to be added and tweaks to be made.
  5. Two years down the line, the organisation’s IT architecture has been completely warped and looks nothing like its original design.

So, what are the tell-tale signs that communicate to a CIO when it’s time to redesign an organisation’s IT architecture?

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