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How To Write The Perfect CV For IT Jobs

by Mark Britton 28 July 2016

If you’re currently on the hunt for IT jobs, the first thing you MUST get right is your CV.

Your CV is an ESSENTIAL marketing device for your skills and experience. It is your foot in the door and the catapult that will propel your career forward.

You may not have looked at your CV for years, especially if you’re in the process of leaving or have just left a position you have been in for a while. Therefore, it is important to update it and take time to ensure that it clearly conveys your key attributes.

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What To Do When You’re A CIO That’s In-between Roles

by Mark Britton 18 July 2016

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) may leave a role for a number of reasons. However, all of these reasons basically fall into two categories ‘your choice’ and ‘not your choice’.

Unless you have your next position lined-up, or the funds to take a short career break, as soon as you know that you might be leaving your job you need to get to work.

You must take control of your job search if you want to find the role that is right for you, quickly. Here are some tips to help you:

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How is ‘digital’ changing the role of the CIO?

by Mark Britton 14 July 2016

Digital technologies and the speed of innovation are having a profound effect on the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

In her latest article on LinkedIn Pulse, Caisha Sheikh, Lead Consultant for Senior Appointments within Crimson’s IT recruitment agency, has explored how ‘digital’ has changed the role of the CIO and gives her view on the emerging position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Caisha addresses whether CDOs are a threat to CIOs and puts forward reasons why the two must work together.

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Brexit to jeopardise global online retail market (worth £28 billion by 2020)

by Mark Britton 10 June 2016

Chris O’Brien, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant at Crimson, is the most enthusiastic person you could possibly speak to when it comes to the topic of retail technology.

Upon reading Retail Economics’s recent report entitled ‘Outlook For Retail 2016’, he was inspired to write an article for LinkedIn Pulse about the impact that Brexit might have on the sector.

In particular, Chris highlights the effect that leaving the European Union could have on the emerging international online orders market, which seems likely to grow from around £4 billion to £28 billion by 2020.

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Digital Talent & Organisational Fit: The Changing World Of IT Recruitment

by Mark Britton 18 March 2016
Helen Artlett-Coe, Crimson's Business Development Manager in our London branch, has revealed how IT leaders can address the current digital skills shortage in the sector.

Talking first at the Crimson Innovation Conference and then penning her arguments on LinkedIn Pulse, Helen discusses opportunities for less experienced candidates, new assessment criteria, and employee retention as ways to build a strong IT team. 

Helen is one of the leading minds in IT recruitment, specialising in sourcing candidates with expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint, among other areas.

Click here to read Helen's article in full on LinkedIn.

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What Will Be The Toughest Challenges For CIOs In 2016?

by Mark Britton 8 January 2016

What with the increasing impact of the millennials market, wearable tech, and Big Data, 2015 introduced a range of new challenges to chief information officers (CIOs).

Moving into 2016, IT leaders will be shouldering more and more responsibility for driving the digital transformation within their companies, overseeing day-to-day operations, and managing positive change.

This is all more easily said than done. A recent survey by Gartner Executive Programs, entitled ‘Building The Digital Platform’, asked CIOs what their biggest obstructions to success were. Seven major issues were discovered.

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How To Avoid IT Recruitment Nightmares This Halloween

by Mark Britton 20 October 2015

For some retailers, Halloween can be one of the busiest times of the year. The holiday has had a huge impact on e-commerce, stock control and warehouse management systems, and subsequently IT recruitment.

With more customers going online for whacky fancy dress, decoration, food, and trick-or-treat ideas, it is crucial that retailers have the right IT team in place to respond to fluctuating demands.

Finding good staff for your IT team can be a nightmare, especially at this time of year where everybody is settling down before Christmas.

If you don’t want to end up with a department full of mindless zombies, moaning mummies, and employees that go a little crazy when the moon is full, follow these tips on how to source the best IT staff.

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