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Encouraging IT Collaboration and Teamwork Beyond Boundaries

by Mark Britton 11 April 2019

Teamwork – it’s the cornerstone of any successful organization and a must-have for achieving any measurable level of success.

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Creative Ways to Close More Deals with Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Mark Britton 4 April 2019

Businesses put a lot of work into bringing traffic, discovering leads, and offering great deals. All these functions could be viewed as secondary compared to one primary goal – closing.

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Lower Cost, Higher Value: Serving Customers’ Needs While Keeping Costs Low

by Mark Britton 26 March 2019

Everything in business is about balance.

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Lead Marketing: A Great Strategy for ROI-Focused Teams

by Mark Britton 20 March 2019

Marketing encompasses many different qualities. The ability to read a customer and the power to get creative are just a couple parts of the process.

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IPaaS explained: The future of systems integration with Microsoft

by Mark Britton 29 September 2017

As digital disruptions transform sectors through an ever-accelerating series of technological advancements, IPaaS offers CIOs, particularly those that have struggled to shift their organisations into the cloud, a tantalising back door into the world of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure.

In the September 2017 edition of its monthly webinar series ‘The Sleepless CIO Show’, Crimson discussed what Microsoft brings to the IPaaS party, now it has substantially improved its offering in this space.

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Free Microsoft Logic Apps overview and practical demonstration

by Mark Britton 13 June 2017

On 5 June 2017 Crimson aired the first episode of its webinar series, The Sleepless CIO Show.

This series has been designed to provide IT leaders with short, snappy, relevant insights into the latest developments surrounding Microsoft Technologies.

The first episode of The Sleepless CIO Show was titled ‘Microsoft Logic Apps - A Ticket To The Cloud?’ and its aim was to discuss whether Logic Apps could maximise the benefits of cloud technology.

Shashank Maniar, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, presented an overview of the Microsoft Integration Platform. This included;

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Why CIOs should love Microsoft’s Logic Apps

by Mark Britton 1 August 2016

Logic Apps is the new tool from Microsoft that is making lives easier for developers across the globe.

What is Logic Apps?

Introduced in 2016 as part of the new features to Microsoft Azure, Logic Apps is defined by Microsoft Principal Program Manager Kevin Lam as: “A way to simplify and implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. It provides a visual designer to model and automate your process as a series of steps known as a workflow. There are many connectors across the cloud and on-premises to quickly integrate across services and protocols. A logic app begins with a trigger (like 'When an account is added to Dynamics CRM') and after firing can begin many combinations actions, conversions, and condition logic.”

It is a fully managed iPaaS solution (integration Platform as a Service), which enables developers to build without having to worry about capacity issues around hosting, scalability, availability and management. Logic Apps automatically scales to meet demand.

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