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How to Successfully Grow Your Company’s Shadow IT

by Mark Britton 25 February 2019

Technology moves fast – sometimes a little too fast for a company’s liking.

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CIO, manage Microsoft SQL Server 2005 end of life now! It’s urgent!

by Will Astbury 8 August 2016

Extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ended on 12 April 2016 but some organisations are continuing to use the environment.

If you are the CIO of one of these companies you need to take urgent action to manage SQL Server 2005 end of life. There are a number of difficult challenges that are involved in this kind of project, especially when the environment may have been in operation for more than a decade.

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Application Lifecycle Management Needs A Unified Vision

by Will Astbury 15 October 2015

In our recent white paper ‘The Key To Application Lifecycle Management’, we examined how a unified approach to new software implementation and maintenance is essential for managing technology changes within an organisation.

Failing to correctly install, embed, and sustain your company’s critical systems can cause a range of issues that could hamper your growth, including;

  • You may fail to meet your company’s new software needs.
  • IT operations may increasingly fall behind the demands of stakeholders and customers.
  • Your applications may not be nimble enough to leverage the latest technology trends demanded by customers, such as POS software or mobile shopping.
  • The amount you spend on supporting your systems will increase – taking away your budget for growth projects that drive tactical innovation.
  • Your IT team will have to spend more time on maintenance projects rather than strategic development assignments. This can lead to staff retention issues, dwindling knowledge about the latest technology, and difficulties in attracting skilled individuals.

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Managed IT Services For Retail: Advantages & Disadvantages

by Will Astbury 10 September 2015

Every modern retail company is reliant on their computers, software, and IT team to operate at their optimal level and push for growth.

However, a number of factors can disrupt processes and prevent growth from happening, including;

  • IT budget constraints,
  • Lack of IT staff,
  • Old or non-existent retail technology,
  • Lack of integration between applications,
  • Lack of expertise in specific projects or systems.

Many retailers turn to managed IT services providers (MSPs) for additional knowledge, planning, technology, and support.

MSPs will often take over a specific area of a retailer’s IT infrastructure, create a new retail technology strategy, or help with the implementation of a specific project.

That all sounds fine and dandy, but what are the real advantages and disadvantages to working with an MSP?

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