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What's new in Dynamics 365 for 2019 release wave 2?

by Mark Britton 4 October 2019

Here's your round-up of the top features now available to you in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Announce Dynamics 365 Licence Changes For October 2019

by Mark Britton 26 July 2019

Microsoft has announced changes to its Microsoft Dynamics licensing model, moving from multi-application, one-size-fits all to a new focus on licensing of individual applications.

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Is your university software ready for Generation C?

by Mark Britton 4 July 2019

Millennials are so last year. There’s a new generation hitting the social scene – Generation C. However, quite unlike most demographic cohorts, this one does not fall into a particular age demographic. Instead, it’s a term used to describe a new generation of people who have one thing in common: they’re digital natives and exceptionally tech-savvy. Furthermore, anybody can join the Generation C community, as long as they are digitally connected and a follower of Web 2.0.

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Encouraging IT Collaboration and Teamwork Beyond Boundaries

by Mark Britton 11 April 2019

Teamwork – it’s the cornerstone of any successful organization and a must-have for achieving any measurable level of success.

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Creative Ways to Close More Deals with Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Mark Britton 4 April 2019

Businesses put a lot of work into bringing traffic, discovering leads, and offering great deals. All these functions could be viewed as secondary compared to one primary goal – closing.

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7 Business Tech Take-Aways From My Time at Microsoft eXtreme365

by Mark Britton 28 March 2019

I write to you from my hotel room on the outskirts of Amsterdam, directly under Schipol Airport’s flight path, at a hotel whose name and interior design is inspired by fossils.

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Lower Cost, Higher Value: Serving Customers’ Needs While Keeping Costs Low

by Mark Britton 26 March 2019

Everything in business is about balance.

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Lead Marketing: A Great Strategy for ROI-Focused Teams

by Mark Britton 20 March 2019

Marketing encompasses many different qualities. The ability to read a customer and the power to get creative are just a couple parts of the process.

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How to Successfully Grow Your Company’s Shadow IT

by Mark Britton 25 February 2019

Technology moves fast – sometimes a little too fast for a company’s liking.

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How to Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Without Increasing Costs

by Mark Britton 18 February 2019

Customers – they’re the focal point of any business. Their presence and their experience at an establishment can make or break the entire organisation.

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