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Reduce data chaos in Microsoft Teams with PowerApps

by Emily Schilling 7 April 2022

Crimson has developed a ‘Request a Team’ process and a PowerApp, reducing the data chaos caused by default Microsoft Teams settings. 

Microsoft Teams was one of the fasting growing apps of the COVID-19 pandemic, adding 95 million users in 2020. With over 500,000 businesses and education institutions currently using Teams as their default messaging system, it now has over 145 million daily active users. Teams helps organisations to meet virtually, share files, and keep in touch while working remotely, all while minimising email build-ups. For many organisations, they couldn’t have survived the pandemic without Microsoft Teams.  

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Using Standard Templates in Microsoft Teams

by Caroline Lee 3 March 2022


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Microsoft Viva Launch February 2021 - Making remote working easier

by Emily Schilling 5 February 2021

Microsoft solutions such as Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive have not only become more popular during the coronavirus pandemic, they have expedited remote working for businesses, schools, universities, local authorities and community groups. Without Microsoft’s cloud-based apps, working during the pandemic would have been a very different story.

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Improve the way you work with the new Microsoft Dataverse Platform

by Ben Curley 23 November 2020

Microsoft Dataverse is an Application Programming Interface, known as an API. Many of the Power Platform features can interact with Dataverse directly, or through built-in connectors which allows data to sit securely and connected in one place. Think of it as a series of apps which can come together to share data across multiple devices.

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We don’t need a training course to learn Microsoft Teams, surely? Wrong! Here’s what I learnt.

by Mark Britton 20 May 2020

It's been a couple of months of home working now, and I'm getting pretty smug at how I can use Microsoft Teams. Video conference calls no longer suffer from fumbling around for the unmute button; exchanging emoji messages is a doddle, sending files is a cinch. So it came as a surprise...

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