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Blurring the digital boundaries: What collaboration looks like for today’s university students

by Mark Britton 18 October 2019

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How to Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Without Increasing Costs

by Mark Britton 18 February 2019

Customers – they’re the focal point of any business. Their presence and their experience at an establishment can make or break the entire organisation.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales – Relationship Assistant

by Adam Round 5 February 2019

As part of their heavy focus on developing Artificial Intelligence within their products and services, Microsoft has implemented a new suite of features called ‘Embedded Intelligence’. This new suite of features allows you to make the most out of your Dynamics 365 by continuously analysing crucial customer interaction data to help you choose the best path forward for your business; based on already existing data.

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Taking the first step: a strategic approach to implementing CRM

by Mark Britton 2 May 2018

Every business needs customers, and in the age of information and technology, every business needs ways of managing their customer data. This is going to be even more critical when the new GDPR legislation comes into force from the 25 May 2018.

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Cloud services experts to demo live Dynamics 365 app build in 30 mins

by Will Astbury 1 March 2017

Crimson’s Cloud Services team will be demonstrating the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by building an app in just 30 minutes live at this year’s Innovation Conference.

Using Dynamics 365’s Power Apps, Flow, and Apps Source functions, Tom Cadman and his team will be breaking away from traditional presentation formats to create an immersive experience which will involve members of the audience and will be completed from start-to-finish in under half an hour.

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“How do I choose the right systems for my business?” Off the shelf software is the answer!

by Will Astbury 20 December 2016

“How do I choose the right systems for my business? Should we build bespoke systems or is off the shelf software the answer?”

Choosing to invest-in and install a new business application into an organisation can be one of the biggest, career-defining, decisions a CIO can make during their tenure.

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Future Decoded findings – Microsoft: ‘The financial sector is pioneering digital transformation’

by Will Astbury 11 November 2016

I went to Microsoft’s annual UK Conference Future Decoded with the expectation that I’d be hearing a lot about the potential and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest cloud-based amalgamation of Microsoft’s CRM, ERP, Flow and Adobe Marketing solutions.

There were several intensive breakout sessions specifically on this topic, but the real focus of the day for the speakers was ‘digital transformation’.

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What will Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn mean for businesses?

by Will Astbury 20 October 2016

With Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn seeming imminent, Crimson MD Rob Mallaband has turned to the social media’s site publishing platform Pulse to share his thoughts on what the acquisition might mean for Microsoft software users.

In his article, Rob has discussed the additional sales and learning capabilities that LinkedIn will add to Microsoft’s numerous platforms.

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How will Microsoft Dynamics 365 change the world?

by Will Astbury 22 July 2016

With the impending introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in autumn 2016, the tech world are already analysing its potential impact.

For those that don’t know, Dynamics 365 is the combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the company’s ERP offerings into one accessible cloud bundle, simplifying and integrating Microsoft’s offerings for customers.

It was devised as part of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s mission to make the tech giant’s products into a pure integrated cloud based platform.

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