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How to Measure Performance: 7 Metrics to Achieve Complete Visibility

by Mark Britton 11 February 2019

How’s your business doing? This may seem like a simple question to those on the outside – but anyone on the inside knows it goes a lot deeper than that.

Sure, the establishment may be turning a profit and moving products at a decent pace. But exactly how fast are those products moving? What is the percentage of profit gained now in comparison to a year ago? How many leads are turned into satisfied customers with deals closed?

Knowing how to measure performance based on real data is important for any business and especially any sales team. Better visibility means to know how the business is doing, where it is heading, and how to go about achieving organisational goals.

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“How do I choose the right systems for my business?” Off the shelf software is the answer!

by Will Astbury 20 December 2016

“How do I choose the right systems for my business? Should we build bespoke systems or is off the shelf software the answer?”

Choosing to invest-in and install a new business application into an organisation can be one of the biggest, career-defining, decisions a CIO can make during their tenure.

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