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How Can IT Teams Prepare Retail Technology For Black Friday?

by Will Astbury 8 October 2015

Many UK retailers were extremely unprepared for Black Friday in 2014. A spike in trading had been predicted but the surge that many retailers experienced was an unparalleled phenomenon.

The effects were dramatic:

  • Websites crashed (or slowed down to an unusable pace)
  • Orders vanished
  • In-store POS software failed to meet the bargain-hunters’ needs
  • Ultimately, a lot of sales opportunities were lost
This year Black Friday, which falls on 27 November in the UK, is expected to be even bigger. Some experts are forecasting that it could be the nation’s first £1billion online shopping day and others are anticipating a four-day shopping spree culminating with ‘Cyber Monday’ (30 November).
Wise retailers will be preparing their staff, retail technology, and omni channel platforms for this huge influx of trade.
Here are some tips from our IT consultants on how to plan for Black Friday:

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Why Retail Companies Need An Omni Channel Approach

by Will Astbury 16 September 2015

‘Omni channel’ is quickly becoming the phrase everyone is using in the retail sector, but;

  • What does it really mean?
  • What are the benefits of an omni channel approach?
  • How can retailers use omni channel to stay ahead of their competitors?
What Does Omni Channel Mean, Really?

‘Omni channel’ refers to the range platforms through which a customer accesses, learns about, and purchases products from a retailer.

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