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Microsoft Viva Launch February 2021 - Making remote working easier

by Emily Schilling 5 February 2021

Microsoft solutions such as Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive have not only become more popular during the coronavirus pandemic, they have expedited remote working for businesses, schools, universities, local authorities and community groups. Without Microsoft’s cloud-based apps, working during the pandemic would have been a very different story.

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Preparing housing associations and local authorities for a brave new world

by Emily Schilling 3 April 2020

Throughout the UK and indeed across Europe, offices stand empty. Meetings have been put on hold, coffee machines sit unused and the water cooler is deserted. But business continues. Meetings have become Skype calls and Teams hangouts, brainstorms are being done over the Internet and even the water cooler may be deserted in the office, those water cooler moments and chats during the tea round are continuing online. For years the world has had access to technology with the potential to change the way we live and work forever, but it has taken a global pandemic for us to realise how truly useful this technology is.

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How to help your employees make the most of Microsoft Teams

by Emily Schilling 26 March 2020

As we discussed in our previous blog (How Microsoft Teams can transform remote working), Covid-19 has meant that there has been a dramatic increase of remote working across the UK, which has also led to a rise in use of Microsoft Teams. Teams is ideal for remote working - you can access files remotely on a range on devices and share your screen with a group of people, plus it is linked to all Microsoft Office components. It is a modern workspace where you can chat with colleagues, by messaging or on a video call, and new members have access to historical messages when added to chats or channels.  

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How we're keeping the Crimson culture alive while remote working

by Emily Schilling 23 March 2020

At Crimson, we pride ourselves on our workplace culture – with dress-down Fridays, teambuilding excursions, and seasonal parties and dinners. We focus on employee engagement so much that we were named in the Sunday Times list of 75 Best Companies in the Midlands 2020. However, during a period of social isolation and remote working, how can this culture be maintained? Here are some ways that we’re keeping the Crimson culture alive:

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