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Brexit to jeopardise global online retail market (worth £28 billion by 2020)

by Will Astbury 10 June 2016

Chris O’Brien, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant at Crimson, is the most enthusiastic person you could possibly speak to when it comes to the topic of retail technology.

Upon reading Retail Economics’s recent report entitled ‘Outlook For Retail 2016’, he was inspired to write an article for LinkedIn Pulse about the impact that Brexit might have on the sector.

In particular, Chris highlights the effect that leaving the European Union could have on the emerging international online orders market, which seems likely to grow from around £4 billion to £28 billion by 2020.

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40% Of Companies To Restrict Notifications On Smartphones By 2020

by Will Astbury 2 June 2016

Gartner has predicted that ‘by 2020, the impact of interruptions on human effectiveness will cause 40% of enterprises to restrict notifications on wearables, smartphones, and mobile devices’.

 In its report titled ‘Predicts 2016: Mobile and Wireless’, the technology research leader warned that the number of devices and channels that can interrupt a worker will increase through to 2020 and beyond. It suggested that these interruptions could affect workers’ abilities to perform complex tasks effectively.

The opportunities that smartphone and wearable technologies have created for organisations have been widely discussed and described. As PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), multinational professional services network, described in its paper ‘The Wearable Future’, these technologies have enabled marketers to “more easily gather and analyse information on the buying habits and locations of consumers. New payment platforms like Apple Pay also stand to dramatically change the efficacy of targeted advertising”.

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Retailers must go digital to improve shopping experience efficiency

by Will Astbury 19 February 2016

Retailers-must-go-digital-to-improve-shopping-experience-efficiency.pngDigitalisation has become the HOT topic for CIOs in the retail sector over recent months. With new budgets soon to be announced, many retailers are analysising which Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to invest in over the next financial year.

In its latest white paper ‘Internet Of Things In Logistics’, DHL has suggested that digital technologies which “drive greater efficiency in the shopping experience” will add the most value for customers whilst fostering the largest profit increases for retailers.

The white paper claims that the retailer will be able to use technologies to improve a range of areas within their organisation, including; in-shelf availability, inventory management, merchandising optimisation, loss prevention systems, mobile payments, and so on.

There are a number IoT-reliant applications that are now on the market that improve in-store shopping efficiency for consumers, including;

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Monthly Retail Technology News Round-Up – 12/15

by Will Astbury 22 December 2015

Crimson’s marketing department have gathered some of the most interesting retail technology articles from around the web for you to enjoy.

We have also collated a list of our most recent blog posts and articles which share insights into the world of IT consultancy and IT recruitment for the retail sector.

Interesting Retail Technology Articles From Across The Web

  • Centennials Prefer To Shop In-Store But Research Online - The next generation of shoppers could be leading a return to in-store shopping, according to new research. Read more:
  • Jury Still Out On Black Friday According To Mastercard - MasterCard SpendingPulse data shows that growth of UK retail sales for Black Friday dropped from 23.6% in 2014 to 8.7% this year. Read more:

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Monthly Retail Technology News Round-Up – 11/15

by Will Astbury 24 November 2015

Crimson’s marketing department have gathered some of the most interesting retail technology articles from around the web for you to enjoy.

We have also collated a list of our most recent blog posts and articles which share insights into the world of IT consultancy and IT recruitment for the retail sector.

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Retail Systems Integration Key For Seamless Call Centre Customer Care

by Will Astbury 20 November 2015

Crimson’s lead consultant in retail transformation, Simon Chave recently shared some insights on LinkedIn Pulse about how retail companies can elevate customer care standards and decrease operational costs by using a joined-up call centre software solution.

Simon has 25 years’ experience working alongside the IT teams of leading UK retailers to implement strong retail technology strategies.

In his most recent post, he discusses how retailers can create an environment to achieve 100% first call resolution rates within their service desk centres.

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Retailers, Treat Call Centre Staff As Your Critical Response Team

by Will Astbury 18 November 2015

In Crimson’s recent white paper ‘Unified Service Desk: How Retailers Can Ensure Seamless Customer Care’, we argue that retail companies should raise the expectations, standards, and working conditions for call centre staff.

We believe that making improvements to the call centre software that staff use, the data they handle, and the training they receive can have a hugely beneficial impact on both customers and the company.

At present call centres have one of the highest staff turnover rates of any profession. It currently stands at a 24% staff turnover rate per year and that figure is rising. Caused by often dehumanised conditions, customer dissatisfaction, and inadequate technology, many call operators quickly become agitated and leave these roles.

As our Operational Director, Simon Chave, always says: “100% first call resolution is the Holy Grail for retail companies”. This is true because is it means that the customer’s enquiry is dealt with quickly, the service desk worker believes they have done a thorough and efficient job, and the company as resolved an issue for the lowest cost to call centre.

So, what processes and technology does a retail company have to put in place to create an environment where 100% first call resolution is achievable?

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Data Mobility Through Cloud Will Drive Retail Productivity

by Will Astbury 13 November 2015

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has announced the expansion of the technology giant’s public cloud into Europe. 

Speaking this week at Microsoft’s Future Decoded conference, which took place at London’s ExCel conference and exhibition centre, Nadella revealed that development of data centres in Ireland and The Netherlands had already been completed and that work on a third centre will begin in the UK in 2016.

The aim of this expansion is to increase data accessibility, which in-turn will change the culture of personal computing and amplify productivity for companies.

At Crimson, we specialise in retail technology strategy solutions so this blog examines how these advancements will affect our contacts and clients in the retail sector.

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Retail Call Centres Need To Turn Big Data Into Little Data

by Will Astbury 9 November 2015

 Retail companies need to supply their service desk analysts with the right kind of customer data if they want harness the full potential of their call centres.

Call centre operators are a key point of contact and cost for most major retailers, however they are rarely have the tools to function at their maximum.

Crimson’s chief retail IT consultant, Simon Chave, said: “The holy grail for retailers is a one call solution. When call centre staff have all their customers’ little data at their fingertips they can provide excellent customer service whilst bringing down the operating costs per call. They can also use the data to upsell products.”

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Monthly Retail Technology News Round-Up – 10/15

by Will Astbury 27 October 2015

Crimson’s marketing department have put together a list of some of the most interesting retail technology articles from around the web for you to enjoy.

We have also collated a list of our most recent blog posts and articles written by the leading minds at our company.

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