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The Impact of Next-Generation Technology on Housebuilders

by Mark Britton 8 July 2019

Technology has an increasingly important role in servicing the digital generation. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and hyper-personalisation have gone from being buzzwords to common techniques used in the world of business and commerce.

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The CIO’s Guide to Creating an Effective IT Strategy

by Mark Britton 26 June 2019

A reliable IT strategy starts with a plan. Whether you are crafting an IT strategy from scratch or retooling an existing structure, aligning with business goals and understanding the needs of your team can impact your success.

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6 Lead Generation Techniques to Improve Your Volume

by Mark Britton 5 February 2019

Lead generation is one of the more important aspects of any marketing department. It’s the foundation of a successful sales strategy – without people who are interested in what you have to offer, it is impossible to move products.

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Taking the first step: a strategic approach to implementing CRM

by Mark Britton 2 May 2018

Every business needs customers, and in the age of information and technology, every business needs ways of managing their customer data. This is going to be even more critical when the new GDPR legislation comes into force from the 25 May 2018.

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40% Of Companies To Restrict Notifications On Smartphones By 2020

by Will Astbury 2 June 2016

Gartner has predicted that ‘by 2020, the impact of interruptions on human effectiveness will cause 40% of enterprises to restrict notifications on wearables, smartphones, and mobile devices’.

 In its report titled ‘Predicts 2016: Mobile and Wireless’, the technology research leader warned that the number of devices and channels that can interrupt a worker will increase through to 2020 and beyond. It suggested that these interruptions could affect workers’ abilities to perform complex tasks effectively.

The opportunities that smartphone and wearable technologies have created for organisations have been widely discussed and described. As PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), multinational professional services network, described in its paper ‘The Wearable Future’, these technologies have enabled marketers to “more easily gather and analyse information on the buying habits and locations of consumers. New payment platforms like Apple Pay also stand to dramatically change the efficacy of targeted advertising”.

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Retail Systems Integration Key For Seamless Call Centre Customer Care

by Will Astbury 20 November 2015

Crimson’s lead consultant in retail transformation, Simon Chave recently shared some insights on LinkedIn Pulse about how retail companies can elevate customer care standards and decrease operational costs by using a joined-up call centre software solution.

Simon has 25 years’ experience working alongside the IT teams of leading UK retailers to implement strong retail technology strategies.

In his most recent post, he discusses how retailers can create an environment to achieve 100% first call resolution rates within their service desk centres.

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Why Retail Companies Need An Omni Channel Approach

by Will Astbury 16 September 2015

‘Omni channel’ is quickly becoming the phrase everyone is using in the retail sector, but;

  • What does it really mean?
  • What are the benefits of an omni channel approach?
  • How can retailers use omni channel to stay ahead of their competitors?
What Does Omni Channel Mean, Really?

‘Omni channel’ refers to the range platforms through which a customer accesses, learns about, and purchases products from a retailer.

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Marginal Gains: Optimising Your Retail Technology Strategy

by Will Astbury 27 August 2015

If you’re a CEO or CIO in the retail sector, it’s likely that you will constantly be concerned about the effectiveness and efficiency of your retail technology strategy.

You will be continually asking yourself;

“Is business demand outstripping IT supply?”
“How do my team get the strategy right first time ans deliver results more quickly, with predicable costs?”
“Are we spending enough of our budget on IT initiatives to enable growth?”

However, many of the CIOs I’ve worked with tell me that a number of factors can get in the way of addressing these key questions.

These include;

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