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Keeping your culture as the business scales

Nash Squared CEO Bev White discusses how you keep your business culture when you're growing. This article first appeared on

Three guiding principles will help businesses stay true to their roots as they grow and change

It’s a challenge that all growing businesses face: as we scale and evolve, how can we stay true to our culture and the things that make us what we are?

The question is especially relevant to tech start-ups and scale-ups because, by their very nature, these organisations are set to undergo the most dramatic growth.

For a more mature organisation, there isn’t a huge difference in growing from 5,000 people to 6,000. But moving from 50 to 500 – a smaller numerical increase – is in fact a massive multiplication of the business size.

It’s something I’ve experienced at first hand at Nash Squared, albeit in the context of an already-established business rather than a start-up. When I joined the business three years ago, there were 2,500 staff across the group; today, that stands at over 3,300 people.

We have grown both organically and through acquisitions, We also launched and implemented a major rebrand of the Group, evolving from Harvey Nash Group to Nash Squared. It has all added up to the biggest investment in people and technology in the company’s history.

While the scale of the change differs depending on what stage of the growth curve you are at, the underlying principles and best practices remain the same.

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