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Reported major cyberattacks are falling – but watch out for the massive threats posed by generative AI and quantum

Nash Squared CISO, Jim Tiller, talks about the surprising cyberattack data in our 2023 Digital Leadership Report, what might be behind it and what to look out for in the future. This article first appeared on

Every week, we continue to read in the press or hear from our networks about another major cyber incident somewhere.

On the face of it, therefore, one of the most surprising findings from this year’s Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report is that major cyberattacks are falling.

In its 25th year of publication, the report found that across more than 2,100 technology/digital leaders surveyed globally, the proportion experiencing a major cyberattack in the last two years has fallen to 23%, down from 28% in our 2022 report. Amongst large organisations specifically, a higher proportion report a major incident – nearly half, at 44%. But there has been an even bigger fall here from 2022 when it was 56%.

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