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Women in Tech: Look how far we’ve come – look how far there is to go

Sam Wilson, interim CIO, and Lily Haake, Head of Technology & Digital Executive Search at Harvey Nash, look at the positive steps made when it comes to women in the technology sector, but also what needs to happen for more progress in the future.

While the tech industry has challenged itself to increase the representation of women in recent years, there remains much further to go.

Women are still firmly in the minority, and the proportion gets smaller the further up the ranks you look. Nash Squared’s annual Digital Leadership Report, for example, finds that only 23% of the tech workforce is female, and this reduces to just 14% of tech leaders.

On the positive side, these are the highest figures we’ve recorded in 24 years of research. Research from S&P also found that globally the proportion of women on technology boards has nearly doubled since 2010.

Encouragingly, the issue of gender equality – and diversity more generally – is becoming a much higher strategic priority and there is a growing determination to drive change.

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