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5 Benefits of Software Testing during Microsoft Stack Projects

 Introducing, Crimson’s new Software Test Practice. The new department consists of professionally qualified Software Testers who work alongside Crimson’s Development Team.  


What is Software Testing? 

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying whether a software application meets the client requirements and expectation. Quite simply: checking that the application does what it is supposed to do. The Crimson Test Practice identifies the areas where the software doesn’t fulfil customer criteria and then Crimson resolves these problems internally before delivering the software to the customer. Without software testing, problems are left to be found by the client or worse, their customers. 

The Crimson Test Practice applies software testing techniques to raise quality standards after the development team have completed their work. The software is then ready for the customer check and give their approval, ready to go live to meet the demands of their customers. 


Benefits of Software Testing 

Improve Quality – By testing the software for any errors before it is rolled-out, customers experience a much higher quality experience.  

Customer Satisfaction – customer satisfaction is key, and their expectations must be at the forefront of every decision. By testing throughout the project for areas that don’t meet customer requirements, there is higher satisfaction once the implementation launches. 

Cost Effective – Including software testing reduces the overall project cost. The earlier that a software bug is detected then the less time it takes to fix and the less impact it has on the system. 
Risk Management – Improved quality and customer satisfaction both link directly with the significant reduction in risk when including software testing. By catching problems early, there’s less chance of more issues down the line and the project risks are minimised.  
Project Delivery - The Crimson Test Practice provide an audit trail of their work to evidence that the system has reached the expected levels of quality assurance. The coverage of testing provides metrics which allow progress monitoring to ensure deadlines are met. 

Software Testing Best Practice 

Software testing should not be thought of as one broad phase. The most effective tactic in software testing is to blend different testing approaches at various stages of the development cycle to achieve optimum results. After the Crimson Test Practice has completed its test phase then the system will be available for the customer to acceptance test the software. Crimson will be able to help advise an effective customer test approach and track customer testing progress, when they can raise any queries and any last-minute business changes. The Crimson Test Practice is available to help in the resolution of these queries and changes to ensure the customer is fully satisfied with the software meeting the customer expectation ready for project go-live. 

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