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Close Deals Faster and Smarter with These 3 Easy to Implement Sales Tips

Nothing is better than walking into a meeting and closing the deal.

There is a lot of advice out there, but most modern marketers can rely on 3 smart sales tips to help them make the most of every meeting. The good news is you can realistically do each of these things today to help close deals faster.

1. Do Your Research

Walk confidently into sales meetings knowing what the customer needs.

Engaging in research before sales meetings can help facilitate more useful conversations that will help close deals faster. Use information about the customer to show them how you or your product can make a difference.

Find out what your customer does and who their target customers are. The more you know about a business, the more opportunity you have to help them. If you aren’t sure what they need, ask questions.

Also, research what problem you can solve for a client and plan out that solution. Explain possible time or money savings in a clear manner, and make sure to highlight how your product or service is the best option available.

2. Slow Down and Build Relationships

Good marketing is about building relationships. You probably won’t close that many deals from cold calling anymore. You will close deals if you build strong relationships with customers.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but slow down and get to know your clients. Learn about their businesses and personal interests. Use that information to drive conversations and establish a deeper, more authentic connection.

Taking this time on the front-end of a business relationship can eliminate some of the back-and-forth that stalls deals. So, slowing down can actually generate smarter sales and longer-lasting customers.

A big part of slowing down the sales process includes asking questions and listening to client needs. Sometimes it can take an extra conversation to get all the information you need about a customer, but this extra effort can help you close a smarter sale that can result in a longer lasting business relationship.

Slow down, process information, and advance sales one step at a time to close more deals efficiently. 

3. Use the Right Tools for Sales Automation

The right tools can help you grow sales.

Sales automation can help you find opportunities for new sales, as well as build relationships and close deals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for modern marketing professionals, using artificial intelligence to better manage and create customer engagement, as well as alert you to potential leads.

Use sales automation to push the most viable prospects to the top of your list and anticipate their needs. Pitching to clients at the right time can help close deals quickly, and it’s a smarter way to do business.

The best part is that this tool works from anywhere, so your sales team can work, and collaborate, on the go.

When it comes to closing sales faster and smarter, you’ll create the most customer engagement by knowing your customers, developing lasting relationships, and using tools that can streamline processes and help you know when customers are ready to make a deal.

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