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Crimson launch the GDPR Compliance Manager app

I was tempted to call this post ‘Quick – hide! It’s another GDPR sh*t stirring article’ because I overheard a colleague exclaim the other day that if they saw another post about GDPR they’d scream.

So it comes with some trepidation that I dip my toe in these murky waters and surround myself among lawyers and oily opportunists willing to make the pain go away in exchange for a big pile of cash.

Nevertheless, I genuinely have some good news to share about this darn GDPR stuff, dear reader.

I think it’s fair to say that GDPR regulations that come into force this May are becoming a right royal pain in the derriere of many a busy person. Not that I think privacy is a bad thing, you understand.

I’ve seen first hand how the so-called rules get misunderstood. Knee-jerk reactions lead to level-headed people swirl into a panic as it dawns on them personal data is scattered in lots of dusty nooks and crannies. Delete everything! Delete everything!

I started a working group a few months back and ompleted an audit of all the places we store personal data. Being an arty farty marketer that likes to wave his hands about and throw around terms such as ‘brand’ and ‘engagement’, I’m pleased to say colleagues with feet firmly planted on the ground tactfully told me to clear out the way so that they could get on with managing the project.

Will GDPR make a big difference when the rules come into force? Possibly. Will there be ambulance chasers ready to make a big buck? Definitely and I sense they’re already circling.

Thinking about this problem Crimson’s IT team decided to torture themselves by reading the GDPR rulebook. Upon recovery, they got to work on building a little application we’ve called GDPR Compliance Manager. The app helps you get organised and shows ‘the man’ that you’re following the rules.

Better still, GDPR Compliance Manager will cost you less than a weekend for two to Paris, which is where you’ll want to head to after this all blows over.

Below my brilliant and talented colleague, Becky, explains a little more about GDPR Compliance Manager. Do contact Crimson’s sales team on 01675 466 477 if you’d like further information, but please don’t scream at me down the phone.