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ESG: Now is the time to show your true colours

Nash Squared Chief People Officer, Melanie Hayes, looks at why now is the time to focus on your environmental, social and governance credentials, and the benefits of doing so.

ESG has shot up the agenda for businesses, both as a reputational issue and a driver of employee engagement and motivation. It has become a key element of corporate strategy and identity.

Precisely because it is so important, it’s essential that ESG initiatives are authentic rather than a matter of corporate box-ticking. True ESG is not about doing the things you have to do for regulatory or compliance reasons – it’s about the things that no one has asked you to do but you do them anyway because it’s become part of who you are as an organisation.

When you do such things – whether that’s around diversity & inclusion, working practices and flexibility, environment and sustainability – you show your true colours as a business. Because it’s authentic, it’s so much more powerful as a result.

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