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Five key steps for digital leaders to influence the Board on technology

Nash Squared CEO, Bev White, and Interim CIO, Sam Wilson discuss how digital leaders can get their influence across to the board when it comes to an organisation's technology. This article first appeared on

How can digital leaders influence the board of directors to ensure the right investments are made in technology?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, technology is at the heart of how businesses operate. How often have you heard the adage, “All companies are technology companies now?”

Nevertheless, there are numerous functions, issues and priorities in any business competing for a slice of the investment budget. Every board meeting agenda is packed with pitches and asks. At the same time all investment is under the microscope and budget is at a premium.

Digital leaders need to use all their skills to keep investment in technology high, as well as ensuring that the right investments are made – not just the most superficially attractive ones or those that tap into what may be a passing trend.

How can digital leaders – CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and anyone with a leadership position within tech – influence the board? Here are five key steps, based on our own experience of representing tech through our careers.

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