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How fractional working could add up for individuals and employers

Harvey Nash UK&I, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Australia and Spinks Managing Director Andy Heyes discusses a trend that has been been emerging recently - fractional working. This article first appeared on

Working patterns have transformed in recent years, with a significant rise in flexibility including hybrid and remote working. Although there is something of a return to in-office working again as Covid recedes into history (our research suggesting that three days a week in the office is becoming the norm), nevertheless one of the pandemic’s legacies is a shift in how individuals work and engage with their employer.

Alongside this, there is another emerging trend which may become increasingly common in future years – the notion of fractional working. This is essentially where an individual works on a freelance or contractor basis – but has a portfolio of part-time assignments simultaneously. It’s an established mode for certain senior roles – such as a fractional CISO or CIO – but is beginning to spread further down the layers of the workforce to include more junior positions.

This is still relatively rare in the UK, where the great majority of freelancers work on one full-time contract at a time, but is something we are beginning to see more frequently in regions such as Europe.

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